15th Sociolinguistics Symposium 2004


clac 5/2001


international conference on language in society


Sociolinguistics Symposium

April, 2004

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


The 15th Sociolinguistics Symposium, an international conference on language in society, will be hosted in April 2004 by the Centre for Research in Linguistics of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.


The conference's web page is: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/crl/pages/ss2004.html



The conference organisers welcome papers on any aspects of sociolinguistics. Proposals on the following themes are particularly welcome:

* Interface between sociolinguistics and generative linguistics

* Corpus-based sociolinguistics

* Language and culture

* Language and cross-cultural communication

* Language maintenance and language shift

* Applications of sociolinguistics to professional contexts

There will be thematic colloquia, convened by specialists. Abstracts can be submitted as part of a colloquium, or individually for parallel sessions or posters.


Call for Papers

It is likely that the deadline for submission of abstracts will be before October 2003.


Keynote Speakers:

Peter Auer, University of Freiburg

Jane Hill, University of Arizona

Lesley Milroy, University of Michigan

Newcastle upon Tyne: The City


There are flights to Newcastle, the capital city of the North East of England, directly from all major European cities as well as via London and other British cities. The fastest train journey from London to Newcastle is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Newcastle is 1 hour and 20 minutes on the train to Edinburgh and 55 minutes to York.


Local Organising Committee (* Principle Organisers):

* Dr. Joan Beal, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

* Dr. Karen Corrigan, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Dr. Joan Cutting, University of Sunderland

Dr. Gerry Docherty, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Dr. Francis Jones, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Dr. Peter Grundy, University of Durham.

Dr. Frank Hardman, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

* Professor Li Wei, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Dr. Christine Raschka, University of Northumbria at Newcastle

Dr. Paul Seedhouse, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Dr. Mary Talbot, University of Sunderland

Dr. John Williamson, University of Newcastle.


Scientific Programme Advisory Committee:

(More to come)


Contact details:

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Karen P. Corrigan,

Centre for Research in Linguistics,

Department of English Literary and Linguistic Studies,

Percy Building,

University of Newcastle,

Newcastle upon Tyne,


Telephone: 0191 222 7757

Fax: 0191 222 8708

E-mail: k.p.corrigan@ncl.ac.uk

http://www.ncl.ac.uk/ is the University's homepage.



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