8th international pragmatics conference

Linguistic pluralism: policies, practices and pragmatics


clac 7/ 2001


Toronto, Canada 13-18 July 2003

Call for papers deadline Nov 2002


The International Pragmatics Association 8th conference will be held in Ontario, Canada, in 2003. The conference will be open to all themes relevant to the pragmatics of language in its widest sense as an interdisciplinary cognitive, social, and cultural perspective. In addition, there is a special theme: “Linguistic pluralism: policies, practices and pragmatics”.


From the Conference’s website: “This theme was chosen for a variety of reasons. It permits one to link cognitive, linguistic, social and political approaches to a phenomenon of long-standing interest in pragmatics and of current theoretical, as well as social and policy importance. The theme is one which also fits the venue, given Canada's historical involvement in debates on such issues, and Toronto's profile as a major centre of new globalized urban multilingualism. However, it is meant here to go beyond traditional ideas about "multilingualism" understood as connecting linguistic difference primarily to ethnic or national distinctions, and rather to extend that concept to the links between language and all forms of social difference and social inequality. The theme is also based on a commitment to tying academic approaches to broader public debates.”


Call for Conference Proposals

A formal call for papers and panels will be launched in early 2002. The anticipated deadline will be 1 November 2002.

See the IPrA website http://ipra-www.uia.ac.be/ipra/ and the conference page



Organizers: Chair: Monica Heller (University of Toronto); Local Site Committee: Bonnie McElhinny (University of Toronto), Normand Labrie (University of Toronto), Donna Patrick (Brock University), Grit Liebscher (University of Waterloo), Susan Ehrlich (York University), Ruth King (York University)


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