Investigation Proyect Ref. SEJ2007-67138/SOCI

Universidad Complutense de Madrid | I+D+I Spanish National Plan

Presentación del proyecto

The project aims to investigate and analyze the developments and innovations most relevant processes that occur in journalism as a result of the convergence of traditional media with the Internet communications platforms and mobile telephony. It focuses primarily on the Internet that have more than a decade of expansion and secondarily from cellular phones to be still in its early implementation experiences to the field of journalism. Internet opens, as a support, the dissemination of newspapers, radio and television and vice versa, this means trying to incorporate the input of the Internet to reach the fullness of convergence of the new models are born as cyberjournalism, the ciberradio and cibertelevisión and each with its interactivity, hypermedia and hipetextualidad-navigation and also the adjustment to their expressive systems in some cases and, formulating or creating new communication codes in others.

The mobile convergence experience earlier in their offerings and also fosters other communicative modalities and other mobile and interactive media products, such as the expansive use of VoIP telephony (Internet telephony or voice over internet). Todo ello está dando origen a otras modalidades periodísticas distintas a las tradicionales. All this is leading to other forms other than traditional journalism.

The overall objective is to detect the development of this new journalistic situation (status quo) and the most innovative changes (trends) from the concrete offers that appear on both platforms and their specific contributions to journalism through websites, email, chat , wikis, blogs (in its different forms, etc.). and programming formats, software and Internet services and new offers journalistic mobile telephony (Skype). It will examine the adequacy performing the requirements of organization informative and expressive systems of each new medium and the social and cultural interaction among users as well as, will reconsider guidelines for proper training and Spanish academic faculties of journalism and communication, all according to the new profiles that require media companies or the Company of Information and Knowledge.

The investigation team formed to develop this project, consists of teacher-researcher who has, together with extensive experience and knowledge, both in form and content, application and management of information technology and communication. This fact is demonstrated by the subjects (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral) providers, career and investigations being made on the environment, both nationally and internationally.


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