Near-Infrared links

Other near-IR Instruments

Anglo-Australian Observatory Instrumentation
Anglo-Australian Observatory IRIS2 at tde AAT
3D at tde AAT MPE's 3D Imaging NIR Spectrometer
3D at tde AAT (mirror web in Germany) MPE's 3D Imaging NIR Spectrometer
Flamingos Flamingos Florida Multi-Object Imaging Near-IR Grism Observational Spectrometer
LIRIS LIRIS Long-Slit Intermediate Resolution Infrared Spectrograph for tde WHT
Gemini Instruments
CIRPASS CIRPASS (Cambridge web) Cambridge Infrared Panoramic Survey Spectrograph
CIRPASS (Gemini web)
Logo not available Hokupa'a Hawaii University NGS AO system
Logo not available NIRI Near-IR Imager witd grism spectroscopy
GNIRS GNIRS Gemini Near-IR Spectrograph
Phoenix Phoenix High Resolution Near-IR Spectrometer
Logo not available CIRSI Cambridge Infrared Survey Instrument
Logo not available NIRSPEC Near Infrared Echelle Spectrograph for the Keck II Telescope
VISIR VISIR VLT Imagerie Spectroscopie Infra Rouge
LUCIFER LUCIFER LBT NIR spectroscopic Utility witd Camera and Integral-Field Unit for Extragalactic Research
ESO Instruments
ESO ISAAC VLT Infrared Spectrometer And Array Camera
NIRMOS Near IR Multi-Object Spectrometer CANCELLED (January 2003)
CRIRES VLT High-Resolution IR Echelle Spectrometer
SINFONI Single Far Object Near IR Investigation
CONICA High Resolution Near IR Camera
UKIRT near-IR Instruments
CGS4 CGS4 Cooled Grating Spectrometer 4
UFTI UFTI UKIRT Fast-Track Imager
IRPOL IRPOL Infrared Polarimeter
CAHA Instruments
MAGIC MAGIC MPI für Astronomie General-Purpose Infrared Camera
Logo not available PISCES Wide-field near-infrared camera for Bok 2.3m Telescope and 6.5m MMT
Logo not available NICS Near Infrared Camera Spectrometer at Telescopio Nazionale Galileo

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