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Hipertulia is a forum whose aim is to introduce hypertext and hyperfiction to the Spanish-speaking public. Most of the literature about hypertext is in English, so we want to help making hypertext better known by translating and commenting on some "classic" papers as well as to publishing new ones. All material published in Hipertulia has to have a Spanish translation, and so far we have versions of English, French and German articles, as well as original Spanish ones. This index lists the features in English appeared in Hipertulia. We have prepared a list of links in English in "Other Gatherings", as well as information about who we are in the link "About us". The rest of the sections are in Spanish, so this is only a little sampler of what the whole site really is. Maybe you will be tempted to learn our language soon! :-)

The Spanish site has last been updated on February 2002.

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