Unidad de Fluidos

Instituto Pluridisciplinar , Universidad Complutense de Madrid

We have been a knot in the EU-HCM networks 93-106 and 107 (1993-1996), in the EU-TMR network 96-101 (1996-1999) together with knots at ULB (Brussels), ENS (Paris), INLN (Nice), Cambridge, Warwick Univ., Niels Bohr Inst. (Copenhagen), University College (London), INO (Florence), Univ. Milano -Como, Eotvos Univ. (Budapest), Weizmann Institute (Rehovot) and Technion (Haifa), and in the EU network CT-2000-00136 ICOPAC (INTERFACIAL CONVECTION AND PHASE CHANGE: 2000-2004) together with knots at ULB (Brussels), ULG (Liege), UT (Cottbus), IUSTI (Marseille), U (Groningen), UT (Darmstadt) and Technion (Haifa). We have had a Royal Society (UK) collaborative research grant with the Univ. of Loughborough and an ONR-USA award N00014-03-1-0392 for collaborative research with University of Catania and U. C. Berkeley. We have been part of ROSANA (REPRESENTATION OF STIMULI AS NEURAL ACTIVITY: 2002-2005) an EU-RTD network for collaborative research between UCM (Applied Maths-Biomaths, Fac. Biology; I.P.), UAM (Morphology Dept., Fac. Medicine), St. Ingbert (Fraunhofer-Inst. f. Biomediz. Technik, Fhg-IBMT), Porto (IBMC) and Exeter (School of Physics, Univ.). We have also been part of SPARK (SPATIO-TEMPORAL PATTERNS FOR ACTION-ORIENTED PERCEPTION IN ROVING ROBOTS: 2004-2007) an EU Consortium for collaborative research between U. Catania (DIEES), U. Bielefeld (UNIBI), Budapest (ANALOGIC), U. Seville (ANAFOCUS), UCM (UF-IP) and Edinburgh (UNIED). The latter (now including U. Mainz, a new partner) continues as Consortium SPARK II (2008-2010). We have been part of MULTIFLOW (MULTI-SCALE COMPLEX FLUID FLOWS and INTERFACIAL PHENOMENA: 2009-2011), an EU Network for collaborative research between Loughborough U., ULB (Brussels), Imperial College (London), CNRS (Paris), Technion (Haifa), U. Göttingen, U. Thessaly, ASCOMP (Zürich) and OLRE (Hamburg), with Procter & Gamble (UK), Micropore Technology (UK), Fundacion Cateria (Spain), GeSIM GmbH (Germany) and Cytec Specialty Chemicals (Belgium) as associate partners. At present we are part of COWET (Complex Wetting: 2013-2017), an EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network in collaboration with Technische Universität (Darmstadt), Aristotle University (Thessaloniki), Hebrew University (Jerusalem), Loughborough University (UK), Max-Planck Institute Colloids and Interfaces (Potsdam), Max-Planck Institute Polymer Research (Mainz), Marie Curie University (Lublin), Twente University (Holland), Evonik AG (Germany), Micropore Technologies Ltd (UK), Unilever (UK), Loufakis Chemicals (Greece), Procter and Gamble (UK), Tanatex (Holland) and Verosol Fabrics (Holland).





Instituto Pluridisciplinar
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Paseo Juan XXIII, n. 1
E-28040 Madrid

Phone (34) 91-3943242
Fax (34) 91-3943243

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