Optical Microscopy: Quantitative Imaging

From the image to quantitative data

We have developed a non-interferometric technique for imaging and quantitative analysis of organic/inorganic specimens. It is based on advanced iterative signal retrieval algorithms, which exploit the diversity of the measured data (M images) to obtain an accurate and fast reconstruction of both amplitude and phase of the beam scattered by the specimen.

This technique has been experimentally demonstrated for relevant applications: Image super-resolution, numerical refocusing and quantitative phase mapping.


J. A. Rodrigo, T. Alieva, G. Cristóbal, and M. L. Calvo, "Wavefield imaging via iterative retrieval based on phase modulation diversity," Opt. Express 19, 18621-18635 (2011).

  • This article was selected to be published in the Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics (link).