My research focus both in classical optics (coherence and polarization) and quantum optics (fundamentals

of quantum physics, quantum metrology and nonclassical states).

Some works combine quantum and classical optics.

In the links below you can find word o pdf files

presenting brief introductions to the items studied including the main results




Coherence, polarization and interference. Are all the same?


Geometrical formulation of paraxial optics. Anti-Huygens priciple and the coherence of dark rays

Presented at the 3rd EOS Topical Meeting on Advanced Imaging Techniques in Lille (France) September 2007


Polarization statistics




Nonclassicality criteria. Simpler is impossible


Quantum limits to nonlinear interferometers. Beyond the Heisenberg limit


Quantum limits to linear interferometers. In the limits of quantum noise


Properties and applications of the quantum phase difference


 Zeno, anti-Zeno, and interaction free measurements


 Characterization of generalized measurements




 Quantum physics and wave optics as geometric phases


 Discrete Wigner function

 Classical mechanicas as the exact propagation of the discontinuities of the quantum wave function




Coming soon:


Angular momentum fluctuations and principal componentes


Dirac oscillator

  Photonic paradox, the number of photons increases after absorption

How to assess fluctuations. Renyi entropy versus variance


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