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... The aim of the project IMPROLIVE is to improve treatments and validate the liquid-solid waste from the two-phase olive oil extraction (" alpeorujo "). The project is being developped during the period 1997-99 within the Programme FAIR (CT96-1420), European Commission, Directorate General XII E-2.

... The research team is formed by seven European Participants:


OBJECTIVES: The aim is to create a comprehensive package of treatments for wastes from the two-phases olive oil extraction. The targets are to develop a catalogue and a data-base for processing technical and economic information, to improve the recovery of orujo oil and alpeorujo drying to obtain better oil quality and reduce costs, to validate alpeorujo by protein optimisation to obtain animal feeding, by aerobic bioremediation of liquid and solid phases to obtain plant growth promoters, and by combustion/gasification to recover energy and combustible gases. The package of treatments will be hopefully the most efficient, most economical, and most feasible for olive oil industry to use.

METHODOLOGY: The project is multidisciplinary and the overall methodology integrates several procedures: computerised integration of data and results, waste water treatments, balanced-protein enrichment, aerobic bioremediation and nitrogen fixation, extraction by decanter centrifuge, fluidised bed, spray or similar drying, and combustion/gasification.

 Co-ordinator: Prof. José M. Aragón

Universidad Complutense de Madrid Departamento de Ingeniería Química

Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Ciudad Universitaria, 28040 Madrid, España

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