Madrid - September 24-28, 2007

Conservation and Restoration of Natural Habitats and Public Health



Welcome to the 21st International Phytosociological Meeting, a scientific meeting with an international character devoted to the Vegetation Sciences under the auspices of the Spanish Phytosociological Association (AEFA).


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General Information

The 21st International Phytosociological Meeting will be held in Madrid, Spain, from Monday 24 to Friday 28 September, 2007. The Organizing Committee can be reached at the Department of Plant Biology II, Faculty of Pharmacy, Complutense University in Madrid (University City). The meeting is largely supported by both public and private funds.

The main theme of the meeting is Conservation and Restoration of Natural Habitats and Public Health.

The meeting will be structured in lectures by guest speakers, scientific sessions (oral and poster contributions) and field sessions. The field sessions include a full day of work around the Peñalara Regional Park (summit, cirque and lagoons) with a hike up to the Peñalara summit (2430 m); and we may possibly add another half day (afternoon) of field work in a natural area (not yet selected) near Madrid.

Other events planned include a monographic meeting of the ‘American Phytosociology Working Group’, the annual AEFA Meeting and various social functions.

Madrid welcomes the 21st International Phytosociological Meeting. This great city has a comprehensive national and international transport network with both public and private systems. We encourage the use of the subway in the city; the University City area can be comfortably reached using the municipal public transport system.

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Organizing Committee

  • Scientific and Organizing Committee:


    -Daniel Sánchez-Mata
    -Paloma Cantó
    -Rosario Gavilán
    -José Antonio Molina

    -José María Pizarro

    -María Manuela Redondo
    -Teresa Palacios

  • Secretariat:


    -Justino Losada (secretary)
    -María Pilar Rodríguez-Rojo (advisory)
    -Enrique Luengo (advisory)
    -Beatriz Vilches  (advisory)
    -Alba Gutiérrez (advisory)
    -Emanuela Agostinelli (international advisory)
    -Jorge Andrés Gálvez (webmaster)
    -Pru Brooke-Turner (English advisory)

    Departamento de Biología Vegetal II
    Facultad de Farmacia
    Universidad Complutense

    E-28040 Madrid

    Tfno: 91 3941769

    FAX: 91 3941774

  • Organizing Collaborators:


    -Joaquín Felipe
    -Ana Lumbreras
    -Rocío de Torre
    -Silvia Sabariego
    -Lourdes Rufo
    -Guillermo Amo
    -Zusana Ferençova
    -Alina Noé

  • Advisory Council:


    -Salvador Rivas-Martínez (Madrid) -Wolfredo Wildpret (La Laguna)
    -Manuel Costa (Valencia) -Jesús Izco (Santiago de Compostela)
    -Miguel Ladero (Salamanca) -Ana María Crespo (Madrid)
    -Javier Loidi (Bilbao) -Angel Penas (León)
    -Tomás E. Díaz (Oviedo) -Francisco Valle (Granada)
    -Leonardo Llorens (Palma de Mallorca) -Pedro Luis Pérez de Paz (La Laguna)
    -Marcelino del Arco (La Laguna) -Joaquín Molero (Granada)
    -Federico Fernández (Toledo) -Ramón Masalles (Barcelona)
    -Esther Fuertes (Madrid) -Josep Maria Ninot (Barcelona)
    -Richard Pott (Hannover) -Edoardo Biondi (Ancona)
    -Franco Pedrotti (Camerino) -Jean Marie Géhu (Nouvion en Ponthieu)
    -Ladislav Mucina (Stellenbosch) -Michael G. Barbour (Davis)
    -Ulrich Deil (Freiburg) -Carlo Blasi (Roma)
    -Jan Jansen (Nigmegen) -Georg Grabherr (Viena)
    -Alfonso San Miguel (Madrid) -Ana Rosa Burgaz (Madrid)
    -Juana González Parra (Madrid) -Esperanza Torija (Madrid)
    -Francisco Amich (Salamanca) -Juan Antonio Devesa (Córdoba)
    -Maria Luisa López (Pamplona) -Juan Francisco Mota (Almería)
    -Francisco Alcaraz (Murcia) -Eusebio Cano (Jaén)
    -Manuel Benito (Alicante) -Carmen Ursúa (Pamplona)
    -Enrique Rico (Salamanca) -Josep María Panareda (Barcelona)
    -Leopoldo García Sancho (Madrid) -Adrián Escudero (Madrid)
    -Eduardo Sobrino (Madrid)

    -José Antonio Fernández Prieto (Oviedo)

    -Montserrat Gutiérrez (Madrid) -Cipriano Valle (Salamanca)
    -Javier Amigo (Santiago de Compostela) -Félix Llamas (León)
    -Jordi Carreras (Barcelona) -Gonzalo Mateo (Valencia)
    -Francisco Pérez Raya (Granada) -Juan Carlos Báscones (Pamplona)
    -Vicenta de la Fuente (Madrid) -Alfredo Asensi (Málaga)
    -Blanca Díez (Málaga) -Carlos Salazar (Jaén)
    -Mercedes Herrera (Bilbao) -Trinidad Ruiz (Badajoz)
    -Marta Eva García (León) -Carmen Lence (León)
    -Luis Herrero (León) -Idoia Biurrun (Bilbao)
    -Itziar García Mijangos (Bilbao) -Sara del Río (León)
    -Angel Amor (Salamanca) -Juan Luis Hernánsanz (León)
    -Antonio García Gallo (La Laguna) -Agustín Rubio (Madrid)
    -Francisco Gómez Mercado (Almería) -Esther Giménez (Almería)
    -Álvaro Bueno (Oviedo) -Octavio Rodríguez (La Laguna)
    -Victoria Eugenia Martín (La Laguna) -Xavier Font (Barcelona)
    -Rosa Pérez (Toledo) -Pilar Soriano (Valencia)
    -José Antonio López (Madrid) -Susana Elvira (Madrid)
    -Santiago Sardinero (Toledo) -Tomás Santamaría (Ávila)
    -Antonio López Lafuente (Madrid) -Miguel Angel Casermeiro (Madrid)
    -Antonio Doadrio (Madrid) -Casildo Ferreras (Madrid)
    -David Palacios (Madrid) -Mario Lousã (Lisboa)
    -José Carlos Costa (Madrid) -Maria Dalila do Espirito Santo (Lisboa)
    -Carlos Aguiar (Bragança) -Carlos Pinto (Évora)
    -Rodrigo Paiva-Ferreira (Évora) -Roberto Jardim (Funchal)
    -Miguel Sequeira (Funchal) -Jorge Capelo (Oeiras)
    -Antonio González Bueno (Madrid) -Teresa Tarazona (Salamanca)
    -Angela Stanisci (Roma) -Gonzalo Navarro (Cochabamba)
    -Silvano Marchiori (Lecce) -Antonio Galán (Madrid)
    -Harald Pauli (Viena) -Eduardo Dias (Angra do Heroísmo)

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Dates and Preliminary Program

    -First circular and pre-subscription form: February, 2007.
    -Deadline for presentation of pre-subscription forms: April 30th, 2007.
    -Second circular: June 8th, 2007.
    -Deadline for abstract submission and for definitive payment: July 2nd, 2007.
    -Acceptance of contributions: July 31st, 2007
    -Third and last circular: September 10th, 2007.

The meeting is scheduled to include two full days of scientific contributions (Tuesday and Friday). On Wednesday there will only be a morning scientific session (meeting room), and scientific field sessions will be scheduled for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday (full day). Lunch will also be provided to participants in the field sessions.

The second circular will include additional information such as the definitive scientific program and the meeting fees. The standard fees will include the meeting materials (regular pack), all coffee breaks, lunches (including drinks) from Tuesday 24 to Friday 28, scientific field sessions, and the farewell dinner. Fees do not include: breakfasts, dinners, accommodation, and any other item not specifically mentioned above.

The second circular will also include the address of the official Travel Agent offering a discount to be applied to standard prices for participants in the meeting who wish to use its services. We will also be listing the addresses of some student hostels located in the University City campus which will provide accommodation and meals at reasonable rates.

The scientific periodical Lazaroa is planning to publish selected contributions presented at the meeting.

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Second Circular


 Symposium Location



  • Inscription Fees


    There are several types of inscription fees as follows:


    FEE BEFORE JULY 31st, 2007 AFTER JULY 31st, 2007
    Standard 300 € 350 €
    AEFA / ALFA / FIP Memberships 250 € 300 €
    Students and fellowships (acredited) 150 € 170 €


    The symposium fee must be paid by bank transfer or directly at the arrival to the symposium secretariat during the 24 and 25, September.


    Tha bank data are the follows:

    Banco de Santander
    XXI Jornadas Internacionales de Fitosociología
    CCC: 0049-2196-06-2514429361
    IBAN: ES74-0049-2196-0625-1442-9361

  • Official Travel Agency

  • The symposium official travel agency is Viajes Halcón n. 608, located in Avda. Padre Piquer, 8, 28024 Madrid; phone number 91-7113249 and e-mail address halcon608@halcon-viajes.es ;persons in-charge: Irene and/or Paloma. This travel agency will offer their best transport and lodging services in Madrid with a special treatment for the symposium attendants.

  • Student Residence

  • We made an arrangement with the student residence ‘Colegio Mayor Universitario Diego de Covarrubias’. We have reserved 20 single bedrooms and 5 doubles (all with bathrooms) to be used by the symposium attendants.

    More info and reservations (before June, 30th) will be made by contact with Teresa Palacios Estremera (terepa@ghis.ucm.es ) , a member of the Symposium Scientific and Organizing Committee.

    The location of the student residence is showed in the included general map. Other general info is the follows:

    Colegio Mayor Universitario Diego de Covarrubias

    Avda. de Séneca, 10

    28040 Madrid

    Tel.: 91-5504600

    Fax: 91-3941158



    Public transportation: subway, 6 (Moncloa, Ciudad Universitaria); 3 (Moncloa).

    Bus, U, A, 46; moreover, for the campus, F, G, 82, 132.

  • Abstracts Submission

  • The attendants must be submitt an abstract for each contribution. The abstracts must follow the attached brief instructions. The date due is July, 2nd.

    The abstracts will be sent only to the official symposium e-mail address as an attached file and with indication for a poster or oral contribution. The poster standard size is 70 x 114 cm.

    The Scientific Committee and the Advisory Council will select the contributions for oral or poster communications. The authors will be notified about this selection and with the symposium final scientific program.

    -Guideline for abstracts

    -Text: Microsoft Word.

    -Title: Bold Times New Roman 12.

    -Authors: Bold Times New Roman 11.

    -Addresses: Times New Roman 10.

    -E-mail address of the first author.

    -Text: Times New Roman 12, single, 40 lines left justified at maximum size.


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