Ansiedad y Estrés (Anxiety & Stress)

The official publication of the Spanish Society for the Anxiety and Stress Research (SEAS). This journal is open to contributions in Spanish and English.

From 2016 onwards, the Anxiety and Stress Journal will be distributed by Elsevier España S.L.U.

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The first number housed in Elsevier is Vol. 22. No. 1. January - June 2016.

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Revista Ansiedad y Estrés

Instructions for Authors

Ansiedad y Estrés (Anxiety & Stress)

From 2016

The norms of publication of works will be subject to the indications of ELSEVIER Spain.

Información de Contacto

Sociedad Española para el Estudio de la Ansiedad y el Estrés (SEAS).
Facultad de Psicología. Buzón 23
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Campus de Somosaguas
28223 - Madrid

  • +34 91 394 31 11
  • +34 91 394 31 89