Ansiedad y Estrés (Anxiety & Stress)

The official publication of the Spanish Society for the Anxiety and Stress Research (SEAS). This journal is open to contributions in Spanish and English.

From 2016 onwards, the Anxiety and Stress Journal will be distributed by Elsevier España S.L.U.

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The first number housed in Elsevier is Vol. 22. No. 1. January - June 2016.

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Revista Ansiedad y Estrés

Quality criteria

Ansiedad y Estrés (Anxiety & Stress)

From our point of view, this journal fulfills all the important requirements to be included in the most important international databases:

1. Relevant international leading authorities devoted to the field of anxiety and stress are members of the Editorial Board: Charles Spielberger, Ralf Schwarzer, Charles S. Carver (included in ISI Highly Cited Researchers), Michael W. Eysenck, Stevan E. Hobfoll, Henck M. van der Ploeg, Antonio E. Puente, Bernard Rimé, Gualberto Buela-Casal, Manuel G. Calvo, Rocío Fernández-Ballesteros, José María Peiró, Stanley D. Rosenberg, Marisa Salanova, Sandro Galea, Enrique Echeburua, Bonifacio Sandín, Carmelo Vázquez, etc., between the most ISI cited members of the Editorial Board. See the Editorial Board complete list.

2. Double masked reviewing of articles is conducted by two or more different anonymous experts (peer reviewers) who are highly qualified in the content area of the article. After carefully reviewing the submitted manuscript they provide the Editor with evaluations suggesting acceptance of rejection of the manuscript's publication. The reviewers’ suggestions to the Editor include the appraisal of very different aspects that must be assessed in an article, such as: content relevance, appropriateness of the work to the journal, research quality (design, data analysis, results), how concluding remarks adjust to data obtained, text quality (structure, clarity, style, format), etc. The positive evaluation of a work by the reviewers does not guarantee its publication; the final decision will be made by the Editor, seeking consensus with the Editorial Managers and Editorial Board, according to the editorial priorities of the moment. This system ensures the quality of each contribution as well as a clear editorial line. The article’s Review Form to be filled in by the reviewers (Reviewer’s suggestions to Editors and Reviewer’s comments to Authors) are made available. You can also see the list of 2008-2009 reviewers.

3. Publication dates are rigorously maintained: for each annual volume, the single-issue (number 1) is published on June 1st and the double-issue (numbers 2-3) is published on December 1st.

4. There is a continuity in publication during more than 22 volumes: volumes 0 (year  1994), 1 (1995), 2 (1996), 3 (1997), 4 (1998), 5 (1999), 6 (2000) , 7 (2001), 8 (2002), 9 (2003), 10 (2004), 11 (2005), 12 (2006), 13 (2007), 14 (2008), 15 (2009), 16 (2010), 17 (2011), 18 (2012), 19 (2013), 20 (2014), 21 (2015) and 22 (2016)

5. Ansiedad y Estrés notifies the main author upon receipt of his/her manuscript; within 6 months of reception, he/she is informed regarding the disposition of the manuscript. Each "Reviewer's comments to authors" is sent by the editorial assisstant to the main author indicating some of the following decisions: (a) acceptance without changes; (b) acceptance pending minor revisions addressed in the “Reviewer’s comments to authors” document; (c) major revisions recommended: author (s) must submit a new version of the manuscript according to the changes addressed in the “reviewer’s comments to authors” document (this new version must be re-evaluated before its acceptance); (d) rejection due to the reasons addressed in the “Reviewer’s comments to authors” document; or (e) the manuscript is not suitable for Ansiedad y Estrés, although it may be adequate for other journals. When resubmitting a revised manuscript, the main author is encouraged to enclose a cover letter explaining how he/she has responded to all the reviewers’ comments.

6. Before the publication process, every English abstract (or the full text in its case) is reviewed and thoroughly corrected by the Assistant Editor (a bilingual researcher). Moreover, the manuscript’s style is reviewed and corrected by the Editorial Managers following the publication guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) provided in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) (2009). In this same process, following the document design and before the final printing, every article is reviewed in PDF format by the authors who are allowed to make some minor changes. It is the final opportunity the authors have to ensure there are no errors in the article.

7. This journal covers a wide circulation and distribution both in print and PDF format: (a) one thousand issues of each volume are printed; (b) many university libraries and different professional and research centers are subscribed to "Ansiedad y Estrés"; (c) all SEAS-members (more than four hundred members of the Spanish Anxiety and Stress Research Society) and some members of the international Stress and Anxiety Research Society - STAR receive our journal free of taxes; (d) there is an exchange program with other specialized and highly valuable scientific journals; (e) a Web-site including online information, instructions to authors, journal publishing process, subscription to journal, as well as the table of contents of every issue with all articles published by "Ansiedad y Estrés" is available at:; (f) every article that has been published in our Journal, since it began in 1994, can be purchased online:

8. Good impact factor according to the National System for the Assessment of the Scientific Quality (Impact Factor of the Spanish Journals of Social Sciences, IN-RECS), which includes all social sciences publications from different Spanish universities as well as scientific societies. Moreover, from our point of view, this journal fulfills all the important requirements to be included in the list of "Spanish Scientific Journals with Impact", defined by the "Comisión Nacional Evaluadora de la Actividad Investigadora (CNEAI, National Agency for the Assessment of Research Activity)", the national agency that assesses the scientific quality of the all articles published by Spanish researchers (popularly known as "sexenios" or six year period assessment because it is performed every six years). See CNEAI criteria (in Spanish).

9. "Ansiedad y Estrés" is already included in several databases and documentation centers: (a) CINDOC-IEDCYT, Índice Español de Ciencias Sociales (Serie A. Psicología y Educación), del Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC); (b) DICE-CINDOC-ANECA, Difusión y Calidad Editorial (DICE) de las Revistas Españolas de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas. Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación de España; (c) Anuario Iberoamericano de Revistas de Psicología Clínica y de la Salud, del Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de España; (d) Publicaciones de Psicología en España (CD-Rom), del Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Madrid (PSICODOC); (e) Latindex; (f) Impact Factor of the Spanish Journals of Social Sciences (IN - RECS); (g) PsycINFO, American Psychological Association (APA); (h) Academic Search Complete (EBSCO); (i) Elsevier databases (Elsevier Products); (j) ERIH -“European Reference Index for the Humanities” (European Science Fundation, ESF); (k) PILOTS (National Center for PTSD). See the complete database list in which Ansiedad y Estrés (Anxiety & Stress) is indexed and abstracted.

10. Articles published by "Ansiedad y Estrés" are submitted by world-wide professionals and researchers specialized in the topics of anxiety and stress: Michael W. Eysenck (UK), Volker Hodapp (Germany), Christine Schwarzer (Germany), Ralph Schwarzer (Germany), Charles Spielberger (USA), Sandro Galea (USA), etc. More than the 15% of all authors who publish their works in Ansiedad y Estrés are from the other countries.

11. Reject rate is higher than 40%. See the graphical evolution of the Reject Rate

12. Traditionally, every year, Ansiedad y Estrés (Anxiety & Stress) can be found within the first positions of IN-RECS (Impact Factor of the Spanish Journals of Social Sciences). In 2008 (Impact Factor 0.655) and 2007 (Impact Factor 0.756) it occupied the fourth position. In 2006 the impact factor was 1.386, occupying 2nd place among more than 85 Spanish journals. In 2005 the impact factor was 0.447, occupying the 5th place among more than 100 Spanish journals. In 1998 Anxiety & Stress occupied the 2nd place of all Spanish journals of Psychology. See the graphical evolution of the Impact Index in IN-RECS (Impact Factor of the Spanish Journals of Social Sciences). Source:

Información de Contacto

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