Typhoons in the Philippine Islands 1566-1900.

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This work has been mostly supported by the Risk Prediction Initiative, RPI AWARD No. PRI02-2-009. "Japan Landfalling Typhoons" (RPI) The details of the work made to obtain the data included in the database can be obtain in an article submitted to JGR - Atmospheres. You can read the preprint version in pdf format.
Typhoons in the Philippine Islands, 1566-1900

Tropical cyclones - Database.

This database has been built with the support of the RPI AWARD No. PRI02-2-009. "Japan Landfalling Typhoons".
(If you use this database please cite: R. García-Herrera, P. Ribera, E. Hernández, L. Gimeno:'Typhoons in the Philippine Islands 1566-1900'. Submitted to JGR - Atmospheres.)

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