Plenary / Invited Speakers



Marek Danielewski (Poland)Diffusion in Planck-Kleinert Crystal, Another Corner of Reality?
Graeme E. Murch (Australia)The Montecarlo method for solving difusion problems: achievements and challenges.
Helmut Mehrer (Germany)Diffusion in metals and intermetallics
Yves Limoges (France)Charged defects calculations in insulators
Toshio Maruyama (Japan)Void Formation in the Growing Scale induced by the Divergence of the Diffusional Ionic Flux in High Temperature Oxidation of Metals
Reiner Kirchheim (Germany)Diffusion in energy landscapes
Jean Philibert (France)Overview of old and new trends in diffusion


Dr. Sergiy DivinskiDiffusion in nano-structured materials
Prof. Irina BelovaA combined molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo calculation of the chemical diffusivity in cementite (Fe3C)
Dr. Alexander ChroneosImpact of carbon on the diffusion of donor atoms in germanium
Prof. Yong-Ho SohnPhase constituents and growth kinetics of aluminides in U-Mo vs. Al diffusion couples
Prof. Jochen M. SchneiderQuantum Mechanically guided thin film materials design
Dr. Chu Chun FuDeffect and impurity kinetics in α-Fe form first principles
Prof. Normand MouseauChallenges and recent advances in the simulation of diffusionprocesses
Dr. Alexandre LegrisAtomic scale ab initio modeling of point defects stability and mobility in hcp zirconium
Dr. Feliksas IvanauskasComputational modelling diffusion and reaction in multilayer enzyme electrodes
Dr. Zoltan ErdelyiThin film dissolution into semi-infinite substrates: surface analytical techniques reveal surprising interface kinetics and dissolution modes
Dr. Ardrei GusakSynergy of diffusion and morphology evolution in two-phase open systems
Prof. J. MorralHorns, siren points, serpentine and zigzag diffusion paths: A lexicon of terms for diffusion paths in multicomponent, multiphase system
Dr. Klaus RaeztkeDifffusion and viscosity in untercooled metalic melts
Prof. David J. Young Diffusion in metal dusting processes
Dr. Ilia ValovDiffusion/transport of nitrogen in ion-conducting oxides
Dr. Frédéric SoissonAtomistic simulations of precipitation: influence of point defect diffusion properties on the kinetic pathway
Prof. John ǺgrenModelling of oxide diffusion and oxidation of Fe-Cr alloys
Prof. Manfred MartinAnion and cation diffusion in complex oxides
Dr. Vilupanur A. RaviPack cementation processes for achieving engineered coatings
Dr. Boris StraumalAccelerated diffusion during severe plastic deformation
Dr. Harald SchmidtDiffusion in Isotope Heterostructures Investigated by Neutron Reflectometry
Dr. Ramón EscobarDiffusion mechanism while tuning the oxidation resistance of AlCrN coatings
Dr. Andreas MeyerSelf Diffusion in Liquid Titanium: Quasielastic Neutron Scattering and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Dr. Bruce A. PintDiffusion issues in oxidation resistance coating lifetime
Prof. Axel GriescheAtomic diffusion and its relation to structure and thermodynamic forces in Al-Ni melts
Prof. Boris S.BokshteynSolute diffusion in grain boundaries. Outside the scope of Fisher model
Dr. Serafín MoyaCeramic-metal nanocomposites
Dr. Jerzy JedlinskiGrowth mechanism vs matter transport in thermally growing oxides on high temperature materials: a brief survey based on the case study of alumina formers
Dr. Michael LeitnerAtom jumps studied by coherent syncrotron