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Congreso internacional: “Private libraries in early printed book collections”

27 de Marzo de 2019 a las 11:28 h

Los días 18 y 19 de junio de 2019 se celebrará en el Ossolinski National Institute de Wrolaw (Polonia) el Segundo Congreso Internacional sobre Procedencias de libros antiguos, con el título "Private libraries in early printed book collections". Las propuestas de comunicación deberán presentarse antes del 30 de marzo de 2019 a la siguiente dirección: Los participantes que no presenten comunicación podrán registrarse hasta el 30 de mayo de 2019.

Private libraries played a very important role in the culture of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Silesia and Pomerania from the 15th century until World War II. Established first in the Renaissance at courts and at the residences of aristocracy, scholars and poets, they reflected the interests of their owners contributing to their work and intellectual development. After the repartition of Poland in the 18th century they also carried on the tradition of independence and national identity. Most of the private book collections were dispersed after 1945 when they were transformed into public and scientific libraries.

The aim of the conference is to explore all aspects of private book and manuscript collections from Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Silesia and Pomerania currently held in different libraries, museums and institutions worldwide. We invite you to send a proposal on their history and character, as well as on the rare and unique items among these collections.

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