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What does Complutense University Library offer to you in Europeana?

30 de Noviembre de 2012 a las 13:24 h

Complutense University Library will aggregate:

- Complutense Rare Books from 16th Century to 1870: Metadata of more of 120,000 books digitized by Google.

- Engravings of Dioscorides Collection:  50,000 engravings approximately.

- Complutense University Theses: 6,000 theses.

- Journal articles published by Complutense University Press: 31,000 articles

- Fine Art Old Drawings from the Fine Arts Faculty (between 1752 and 1914): 287 drawings.

- Photos of the Spanish Civil War from the Historical Archive of the Communist Party of Spain: 3,200 photographs approximately.

- Personal Archive of Ruben Dario: 5,000 documents.

- Complutense Manuscripts & Incunabula

- Cartographic material, maps and city views

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