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How do we preserve our digitized books? Hathi Trust

30 de Noviembre de 2012 a las 13:23 h

We believe that digital preservation could only be achieved through a cooperative initiative.

As a result, in November 2010 the Complutense joined HathiTrust, a repository for high quality storing and access to scanned books and journals.

HathiTrust serves a dual role: First, as a trusted repository it guarantees the long-term preservation of the materials it holds. Second, as a service for partners and a public good, HathiTrust offers persistent access to the digital collections.

This includes downloading public domain volumes. Specialized features are also available which facilitate access by persons with print disabilities, and allow users to gather subsets of the digital library into 'collections'. Once a collection is created, the full text of those volumes can be searched as a set.

Bibliographic metadata are managed in an Aleph Library Management System.

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