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Nuevos artículos FDI recogidos en Scopus (noviembre 2015)

17 de Diciembre de 2015 a las 13:41 h

Fotografía original: Thomas Claveirole

Se relacionan a continuación artículos, ponencias, etc. de profesores e investigadores de la Facultad de Informática UCM que han sido recogidos en Scopus durante el pasado mes de noviembre.

Adaptive neural control-oriented models of unmanned aerial vehicles (Conference Paper) / Enrique Sierra, J., Santos, M.

Admission control in the cloud: Algorithms for SLA-based service model (Book Chapter) / Vazquez-Poletti, J.L., Moreno-Vozmediano, R., Llorente, I.M.

Agent-based simulation of crowds in indoor scenarios (Article) / Pax, R., Pavón, J.

An analysis of tool requirements for collaborative annotation (Conference Paper) / Xavier, D., Fuentes-Fernandez, R.

An app for managing unregulated teaching activities (Conference Paper) / Sarasa-Cabezuelo, A., Sierra-Rodriguez, J.-L.

Attribute grammars made easier: EvDebugger a visual debugger for attribute grammars (Conference Paper) / Rodriguez-Cerezo, D., Henriques, P.R., Sierra, J.-L.

Building a Scalable Game Engine to Teach Computer Science Languages (Article) / Serrano-Laguna, A., Torrente, J., Iglesias, B.M., Fernandez-Manjon, B.

Building scalable software for data centers: An approach to distributed computing at enterprise level (Book Chapter) / García, F.T., Sandoval Orozco, A.L., García Villalba, L.J.

Computational Intelligence in Image Processing 2014 (Editorial) / Cuevas, E., Zaldívar, D., Pajares, G., Perez-Cisneros, M., Rojas, R.

Introducing mokap: A novel approach to creating serious games (Conference Paper) / Torrente, J., Serrano-Laguna, A., Fisk, C., O'Brien, B., Aleksy, W., Manjón, B.F.

Leveraging information security and computational trust for cybersecurity (Articles not published yet, but available online Article in press About articles in press (opens in a new window) ) / de Oliveira Albuquerque, R., García Villalba, L.J., Sandoval Orozco, A.L., de Sousa Júnior, R.T., Kim, T.-H.

May-happen-in-parallel analysis for asynchronous programs with inter-procedural synchronization (Conference Paper) / Albert, E., Genaim, S., Gordillo, P.

Monitoring of data centers using wireless sensor networks (Book Chapter) / Barenco Abbas, C.J., Sandoval Orozco, A.L., García Villalba, L.J.

A multi-domain incremental analysis engine and its application to incremental resource analysis (Article) / Albert, E., Correas, J., Puebla, G., Román-Díez, G.

Network intrusion detection systems in data centers (Book Chapter) / Vidal, J.M., Orozco, A.L.S., Villalba, L.J.G.

Parallel cost analysis of distributed systems (Conference Paper) / Albert, E., Correas, J., Johnsen, E.B., Román-Díez, G.

Privacy in data centers: A survey of attacks and countermeasures (Book Chapter) / García Villalba, L.J., Silva Trujillo, A.G, Portela, J.

Requirements for educational games in MOOCs (Conference Paper) / Freire, M., Martínez-Ortiz, I., Moreno-Ger, P., Fernández-Manjón, B.

A review of mobile apps for improving quality of life of asthmatic and people with allergies (Conference Paper) / Mateo Pla, M.A., Lemus-Zúñiga, L.G., Montañana, J.-M., Pons, J., Garza, A.A.

Smart building: Decision making architecture for thermal energy management (Article) / Uribe, O.H., Martin, J.P.S., Garcia-Alegre, M.C., Santos, M., Guinea, D.

System level exploration of a STT-MRAM based level 1 data-cache (Conference Paper) / Komalan, M.P., Tenllado, C., Perez, J.I.G., Fernandez, F.T., Catthoor, F.

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