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1 de Junio de 2016 a las 11:56 h

Se relacionan a continuación los artículos, ponencias, etc. publicados por personal docente e investigador de la Facultad, que han sido recogidos en Scopus durante los pasados meses de abril y mayo.

Applications of evolutionary computation: 19th European conference, evoapplications 2016 Porto, Portugal, march 30 - april 1, 2016 proceedings, part I (Conference Paper) / Squillero, G., Burelli, P., Bacardit, J., Brabazon, A., Cagnoni, S., Cotta, C., De Falco, I., Cioppa, A.D., Divina, F., Eiben, A.E., Esparcia Alcázar, A.I., de Vega, F.F., Glette, K., Haasdijk, E., Hidalgo, J.I., Hu, T., Kampouridis, M.,Kaufmann, P., Mavrovouniotis, M., García, A.M.M., Nguyen, T.T., Schaefer, R., Sim, K., Tarantino, E., Urquhart, N., Zhang, M.

Applications of evolutionary computation: 19th European conference, Evoapplications 2016 Porto, Portugal, March 30 - April 1, 2016 proceedings, part II (Conference Paper) / Squillero, G., Burelli, P., Bacardit, J., Brabazon, A., Cagnoni, S., Cotta, C., Falco, I.D., Cioppa, A.D., Divina, F., Eiben, A.E., Esparcia-Alcàza, A.I., de Vega, F.F., Glette, K., Haasdijk, E., Hidalgo, J.I., Hu, T., Kampouridis, M., Kaufmann, P., Mavrovouniotis, M., Mora García, A.M., Nguyen, T.T., Schaefer, R., Sim, K., Tarantino, E., Urquhart, N., Zhang, M.

An architecture of narrative memory / León, C.

Automatic extraction of SNP-trait associations from text through detecting linguistic-based negation (Conference Paper) / Bokharaeian, B., Diaz, A.

BEACON: A cloud network federation framework (Conference Paper) / Moreno-Vozmediano, R., Huedo, E., Llorente, I.M., Montero, R.S., Massonet, P., Villari, M., Merlino, G., Celesti, A., Levin, A., Schour, L., Vázquez, C., Melis, J., Spahr, S., Whigham, D.

Calibrating a metric for similarity of stories against human judgment (Conference Paper) / Hervás, R., Sánchez-Ruiz, A.A., Gervás, P., León, C.

Cafeinmaude: A cafeOBJ interpreter in maude (Conference Paper) / Riesco, A., Ogata, K., Futatsugi, K.

Compilable phenotypes: Speeding-up the evaluation of glucose models in grammatical evolution (Conference Paper) / Colmenar, J.M., Hidalgo, J.I., Lanchares, J., Garnica, O., Risco, J.-L., Contreras, I., Sánchez, A., Velasco, J.M.

Cost-related interface for software product lines (Article) /( Camacho, C., Llana, L., Núñez, A.

Descriptive analysis of responses to items in questionnaires. Why not using a fuzzy rating scale? (Article) / Lubiano, M.A., De La Rosa De Sáa, S., Montenegro, M., Sinova, B., Gil, M.Á.

Design and development of a serious game for medical training in cytopathology (Conference Paper) / Rotaru, D.C., Fernandez-Manjon, B., Katri, A., Tambouret, R.H.

A Distributed Clustered Architecture to Tackle Delay Variations in Datapath Synthesis (Article) / Del Barrio, A.A., Cong, J., Hermida, R.

Dynamic workload and cooling management in high-efficiency data centers (Conference Paper) / Zapater, M., Turk, A., Moya, J.M., Ayala, J.L., Coskun, A.K.

Expansible computable aggregation rules (Conference Paper) / Garmendia, L., Campo, R.G.D., Montero, J.

A fast parallel hyperspectral coded aperture algorithm for compressive sensing using OpenCL (Conference Paper) / Bernabe, S., Martin, G., Nascimento, J.M.P., Bioucas-Dias, J.M., Plaza, A., Botella, G., Prieto-Matias, M.

A formal passive testing approach to control the integrity of private information in eHealth systems (Conference Paper) / Camacho, A., Merayo, M.G., Núñez, M.

FPGA implementation to estimate the number of endmembers in hyperspectral images (Conference Paper) / González, C., Mozos, D., Lopez, S., Sarmiento, R.

Fully automatic boom towing by unmanned ships: Experimental study (Conference Paper) / Giron-Sierra, J.M. , Gheorghita, A.T., Jimenez, J.F.

Generating plots for a given query using a case-base of narrative schemas (Conference Paper) / Gervás, P., Hervás, R., León, C.

An instrument to build a gamer clustering framework according to gaming preferences and habits (Article) / Manero, B., Torrente, J., Freire, M., Fernández-Manjón, B.

Intelligent secure communications between systems (Conference Paper) / Camacho, A., Cañizares, P.C., Merayo, M.G.

A metamodel-based definition of a conversion mechanism between SOAP and RESTful web services (Article) / Navarro, A., Da Silva, A

OpenIRS-UCM: An Integral Solution for Interactive Response Systems (Article) / Garcia, C., Castro, F., Gomez, J.I., Chaver, D., Lopez-Orozco, J.A.

Power-awareness and smart-resource management in embedded computing systems (Conference Paper) / Santambrogio, M.D., Ayala, J.L., Campanoni, S., Cattaneo, R., Durelli, G.C., Ferroni, M., Nacci, A., Pagan, J., Zapater, M., Vallejo, M.

Predicting the outcome of small battles in StarCraft (Conference Paper) / Sánchez-Ruiz, A.A.

Preparing HPC applications for Exascale: challenges and recommendations (Conference Paper) / Ábrahám, E., Bekas, C., Brandic, I., Genaim, S., Johnsen, E.B., Kondov, I., Pllana, S., Streit, A.

Quantitative Criteria for Alert Correlation of Anomalies-based NIDS (Article) / Maestre Vidal, J., Sandoval Orozco, A.L., Garcia Villalba, L.J.

Remote Web-based Control Laboratory for Mobile Devices based on EJsS, Raspberry Pi and Node.js (Conference Paper) / Bermúdez-Ortega, J., Besada-Portas, E.,
López-Orozco, J.A., Bonache-Seco, J.A., Cruz, J.M.D.L.

Resource analysis of distributed systems (Conference Paper) / Albert, E., Correas, J., Román-Díez, G.

Resource-usage-aware configuration in software product lines (Article) / Zanardini, D., Albert, E., Villela, K.

RNA-seq analysis in forest tree species: bioinformatic problems and solutions (Review) / López de Heredia, U., Vázquez-Poletti, J.L.

Smith-Waterman Protein Search with OpenCL on an FPGA (Conference Paper) / Rucci, E., Garcia, C., Botella, G., Giusti, A.D., Naiouf, M., Prieto-Matias, M.

Special issue on energy efficient multi-core and many-core systems, Part I ( Articles not published yet, but available online Article in press About articles in press (opens in a new window) ) / Rahmani, A.M., Liljeberg, P., Ayala, J.L., Tenhunen, H., Veidenbaum, A.V.

SYCO: A systematic testing tool for concurrent objects (Conference Paper) / Albert, E., Gómez-Zamalloa, M., Isabel, M.

Trends in software engineering for engineering education (Review) / Conde-González, M., Sarasa-Cabezuelo, A.

Vectorization of binaural sound virtualization on the ARM Cortex-A15 architecture (Conference Paper) / Belloch, J.A., Gonzalez, A., Igual, F.D., Mayo, R., Quintana-Orti, E.S.

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