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Sistemas de gestión de combustile en aeronaves, análisis de aprendizaje en discapacitados y + en recientes artículos FDI

6 de Febrero de 2017 a las 12:32 h

Se relacionan a continuación artículos publicados por docentes e investigadores FDI que han sido recogidos en Scopus durante el pasado enero.

7th International workshop on software engineering for elearning (ISELEAR'16) (Conference Paper) / Conde, M.Á., Sarasa-Cabezuelo, A., Sierra, J.-L.

Associating colors to emotional concepts extracted from unstructured texts (Conference Paper) / Fernández-Isabel, A. , Sevilla, A.F.G., Díaz, A.

Automatic media planning: Optimal advertisement placement problems (Conference Paper) / Rodriguez, I., Rubio, F., Rabanal, P.

Comparative analysis of segmentation methods, including adaptive and HOS based algorithms (Conference Paper) / Alameda-Hernandez, E., Aznar, F., Botella, G.

Comparative analysis of texture descriptors in maize fields with plants, soil and object discrimination ( Articles not published yet, but available online Article in press About articles in press) / Campos, Y., Sossa, H., Pajares, G.

Curved and straight crop row detection by accumulation of green pixels from images in maize fields ( Articles not published yet, but available online Article in press About articles in press) / García-Santillán, I., Guerrero, J.M., Montalvo, M., Pajares, G.

Data leakage detection algorithm based on task sequences and probabilities ( Articles not published yet, but available online Article in press About articles in press) / Guevara, C. , Santos, M. , López, V.

Empirical evidence of the limits of automatic assessment of fictional ideation (Conference Paper) / Tapscott, A., Gómez, J., León, C., Smailović, J., Žnidaršič, M., Gervás, P.

An exploratory model of remembering, telling and understanding experience in simple agents (Conference Paper) / Gervás, P.

GLAID: Designing a game learning analytics model to analyze the learning process in users with intellectual disabilities (Conference Paper) / Cano, A.R., Fernández-Manjón, B., García-Tejedor, Á.J.

Ground-tested control architecture for distributed aircraft fuel management (Conference Paper) / Insaurralde, C.C., Giron-Sierra, J.M.

A machine learning approach to predict the winner in StarCraft based on influence maps (Article) / Sánchez-Ruiz, A.A., Miranda, M.

May-happen-in-parallel analysis with condition synchronization (Conference Paper) / Albert, E., Flores-Montoya, A., Genaim, S.

MDD inclusion of navigational, structural and RBAC elements for JSF and ASP.NET MVC frameworks in UML models (Conference Paper) / Cortés, H. , Navarro, A.

OpenCL-library-based implementation of SCLSU algorithm for remotely sensed hyperspectral data exploitation: ClMAGMA versus viennaCL (Conference Paper) / Bernabé, S., Botella, G., Orueta, C., Navarro, J.M.R., Prieto-Matías, M., Plaza, A.

Parallel implementation of the simplex growing algorithm for hyperspectral unmixing using OpenCL (Conference Paper) / Bernabe, S., Botella, G., Navarro, J.M.R., Orueta, C., Prieto-Matias, M., Plaza, A.

Performance-Power Evaluation of an OpenCL Implementation of the Simplex Growing Algorithm for Hyperspectral Unmixing ( Articles not published yet, but available online) / Bernabe, S., Botella, G., Navarro, J.M.R., Orueta, C., Igual, F.D., Prieto-Matias, M., Plaza, A.

Towards completely fair scheduling on asymmetric single-ISA multicore processors (Article) / Saez, J.C., Pousa, A., Castro, F., Chaver, D., Prieto-Matias, M.

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