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17 de Julio de 2012 a las 14:22 h

Data matching, seguridad en vídeo digital, ingeniería del software experimental, interfaces hápticas...Descubre todas las novedades publicadas en los elibros de Springer Computer Science Collection entrando en este post.

Advances in K-means Clustering : A Data Mining Thinking / Junjie Wu.

Automated Configuration Problem Solving / Charles J. Petrie.

Collaborative Information Seeking : The Art and Science of Making the Whole Greater than the Sum of All / Chirag Shah.

Computational Social Networks : Tools, Perspectives and Applications / Ajith Abraham and Aboul-Ella Hassanien.

Cryptographic Protocol : Security Analysis Based on Trusted Freshness / Ling Dong and Kefei Chen.

Data Matching : Concepts and Techniques for Record Linkage, Entity Resolution, and Duplicate Detection / Peter Christen.

Digital Urban Modeling and Simulation / Stefan Müller Arisona, Gideon Aschwanden, Jan Halatsch and Peter Wonka.

Experimentation in Software Engineering / Claes Wohlin, Per Runeson, Martin Höst, Magnus C. Ohlsson, Björn Regnell and Anders Wesslén.

Fault Analysis in Cryptography / Marc Joye and Michael Tunstall.

Group Cell Architecture for Cooperative Communications / Xiaofeng Tao, Qimei Cui, Xiaodong Xu and Ping Zhang.

Guide to Cisco Routers Configuration : Becoming a Router Geek / Mohammed M. Alani.

Interworking of Wireless LANs and Cellular Networks / Wei Song and Weihua Zhuang.

ITIL® 2011 At a Glance / John O. Long.

Mathematical Logic for Computer Science / Mordechai Ben-Ari.

Matrix Transforms for Computer Games and Animation / John Vince.

Performance Metrics for Haptic Interfaces / Evren Samur.

Quantitative Evaluation of Fire and EMS Mobilization Times
/ Robert Upson and Kathy A. Notarianni.

Robust Motion Detection in Real-Life Scenarios / Ester Martínez-Martín and Ángel P. del Pobil.

Securing Digital Video : Techniques for DRM and Content Protection / Eric Diehl.

Self-* and P2P for Network Management : Design Principles and Case Studies / Clarissa Cassales Marquezan and Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville.

Semantic Web Services : Advancement through Evaluation / M. Brian Blake, Liliana Cabral, Birgitta König-Ries, Ulrich Küster and David Martin.

Two-Dimensional Change Detection Methods : Remote Sensing Applications / Murat İlsever and Cem Ünsalan.

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cisco - 28-01-2016 - 14:52:48h

Gracias por las aportaciones sobre todo las relativas a las redes informáticas a través de dispositivos Cisco Systems.
Lo cierto es que con la demanda de técnicos que tenemos actualmente dentro del mundo de las telecomunicaciones y sistemas, toda ayuda es poca a la hora de documentarse y especializarse a través de certificaciones oficiales como pueden ser las de:
- CCNA de routing & switching
Mi recomendación es ir poco a poco desde el CCNA a través de una formación sólida y una experiencia en campo mínima de 2 años.


Saludos y enhorabuena por el post,

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research papers

research papers - 5-11-2012 - 11:41:04h

I'm a Computer Science major and this post will be my reference on my thesis next week. I'm sure that my professor will give me an A+ mark for this! :)

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