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Libros electrónicos más consultados (E-Libro)

Tesis y doctorado: espacio europeo de educación superiorGarcía-Alonso Montoya, Pedro(Author)Editorial HéliceEDUCATION3233671287350
Maps of Time : An Introduction to Big HistoryChristian, David(Author)University of California PressHISTORY5352241383
Global Resurgence of Religion and the Transformation
of International Relations
Thomas, Scott(Author)Palgrave MacmillanPOLITICAL SCIENCE506214954
Modern American Drama, 1945-2000Bigsby, C. W. E.(Author)Cambridge University PressLITERARY CRITICISM485307321
Plant Roots : The Hidden Half (3rd Edition)Waisel, Yoav(Editor)Marcel Dekker IncorporatedSCIENCE4147640
Fatigue of Structures and MaterialsSchijve, Jaap(Author)Kluwer Academic PublishersTECHNOLOGY3931401157
Geotechnical Engineering : Principles and Practices
of Soil Mechanics
Murthy, V. N.(Author)Marcel Dekker IncorporatedSCIENCE3731601186
Complete Building Construction (5th Edition)Miller, Mark Richard(Author)John Wiley & Sons, IncorporatedTECHNOLOGY35450876
Nondestructive Evaluation : Theory, Techniques, and ApplicationsShull, Peter J.(Editor)Marcel Dekker IncorporatedTECHNOLOGY3324911027
Groundwater Lowering in Construction : A Practical GuideCashman, P. M.(Author)RoutledgeSCIENCE33240540
Prime Obsession : Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest
Unsolved Problem in Mathematics
Derbyshire, John(Author)Joseph Henry PressMATHEMATICS321683525
Privatization in Latin America : Myths and RealityChong, Alberto(Editor)World Bank PublicationsPOLITICAL SCIENCE31590881
Methods and Models : A Guide to the Empirical
Analysis of Formal Models in Political Science
Morton, Rebecca B.(Author)Cambridge University PressPOLITICAL SCIENCE302211866
Introduction to Thermal Analysis. Second Edition.
Techniques and Applications
Brown, Michael E.(Author)Kluwer Academic PublishersSCIENCE30920191
Theatre & the American NationWilmer, Steve(Author)Cambridge University PressPERFORMING ARTS2944335125
Illustrated Dictionary of ElectronicsGibilisco, Stan(Author)McGraw-Hill ProfessionalTECHNOLOGY282790844
Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and EvolutionXia, Xuhua(Author)Kluwer Academic PublishersSCIENCE281700241
Handbook on Data Envelopment AnalysisCooper, William W.(Editor)Kluwer Academic PublishersMATHEMATICS281110817
Numerical OptimizationNocedal, Jorge(Author)Springer-Verlag New York, IncorporatedMATHEMATICS276800651
Química InorgánicaBeyer, Lothar(Author)Editorial ArielSCIENCE274080529
Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical PhysicsLandau, David(Author)Cambridge University PressMATHEMATICS266661478
RiskLupton, Deborah(Author)RoutledgeSOCIAL SCIENCE26575461
Legislative Politics in Latin AmericaMorgenstern, Scott(Editor)Cambridge University PressPOLITICAL SCIENCE263584446
Rich Democracies : Political Economy,
Public Policy, and Performance
Wilensky, Harold L.(Author)University of California PressPOLITICAL SCIENCE26956675
On Our Minds : How Evolutionary Psychology Is Reshaping
the Nature versus Nurture Debate
Gander, Eric M.(Author)The Johns Hopkins University PressSCIENCE2528910
Ante la muerte actitudes, espacios y formas en la España MedievalAurell, Jaume(Author)EUNSAPHILOSOPHY2462970221
Beyond Constructivism : Models and Modeling
Perspectives on Mathematics Problem Solving, Learnin
Lesh, Richard A.(Editor)Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, IncorporatedEDUCATION2435546195
Leading Creators of Twentieth-Century Czech TheatreBurian, Jarka(Author)RoutledgePERFORMING ARTS2428088
Formulas for Structural Dynamics : Tables, Graphs & SolutionsLebedeva, Olga V.(Author)McGraw-Hill Professional Book GroupSCIENCE241850607
Thin Plates and Shells : Theory, Analysis, and ApplicationsVentsel, Eduard(Author)Marcel Dekker IncorporatedTECHNOLOGY241850725
Écrits : A SelectionLacan, Jacques (Author)RoutledgePSYCHOLOGY24106132
Ciudadanos y decisiones públicasFont, Joan(Author)Editorial ArielPOLITICAL SCIENCE23300065
High Strength ConcreteAitcin, Pierre-Claude(Author)Spon PressTECHNOLOGY231270677
Politics of Latin America : The Power GameVanden, Harry E.(Author)Oxford University Press, IncorporatedPOLITICAL SCIENCE231100662
Functional Foods, Ageing and Degenerative DiseaseRemacle, C.(Editor)Woodhead Publishing, LimitedTECHNOLOGY23270831
UMTS and Mobile ComputingFranz, Josef (Author)Artech House, IncorporatedCOMPUTERS221544336
Copula Methods in Finance {Wiley Finance Series}Cherubini, Umberto(Author)John Wiley & Sons, IncorporatedBUSINESS & ECONOMICS223871388
Susan Glaspell's Century of American Women :
A Critical Interpretation of Her Work
Makosky, Veronica(Author)Oxford University Press, IncorporatedLITERARY CRITICISM223302650
World Lexicon of GrammaticalizationHeine, Bernd(Author)Cambridge University PressLANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES22312236
Problems and Solutions in Group Theory for PhysicistsMa, Zhongqi(Author)World Scientific Publishing Company, IncorporatedMATHEMATICS222930516
Anthropology of Globalization : Cultural Anthropology
Enters the 21st Century
Lewellen, Ted C.(Author)Greenwood Publishing Group, IncorporatedSOCIAL SCIENCE221835347
Dictionary of ChemistryParker, Sybil P.(Editor)McGraw-Hill Companies, TheSCIENCE221570502
GenéticaFernández Piqueras, José(Author)Editorial ArielMEDICAL221310381
Historia natural y moral de las IndiasAcosta, José de(Author)Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de CervantesFICTION22590632
Enzymes in the Environment : Activity, Ecology, and ApplicationsTempleton, Douglas M.(Editor)Marcel Dekker IncorporatedSCIENCE22542654
Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Dynamics : With Applications
to High-Speed Railways
Yang, Y B(Author)World Scientific Publishing Company, IncorporatedTECHNOLOGY22380577
Meat Science ApplicationsHui, Y. H.(Editor)Marcel Dekker IncorporatedTECHNOLOGY22300751
Convergence Technologies for 3G Networks : IP,
Bannister, Jeffrey(Author)John Wiley & Sons, IncorporatedCOMPUTERS2114892319
Feminist Methodology : Challenges and ChoicesRamazanoglu, Caroline(Author)Sage Publications, IncorporatedSOCIAL SCIENCE2129624103
Microsoft .NET Framework Professional ProjectsKranti, Uday(Author)Course TechnologyCOMPUTERS2119930518
Marketing político. Un análisis de intercambio políticoLuque, Teodoro(Author)Editorial ArielBUSINESS & ECONOMICS211682370
Atlas of Medieval EuropeMackay, Angus(Editor)RoutledgeHISTORY211590339
Inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean :
Breaking with History?
De Ferranti, David M.(Author)World Bank PublicationsPOLITICAL SCIENCE21900383
Reproductive Technologies in Farm AnimalsGordon, Ian R.(Author)CABI PublishingTECHNOLOGY21511347
Media Worlds : Anthropology on New TerrainGinsburg, Faye D.(Editor)University of California PressSOCIAL SCIENCE203844496
Catálogo MessierComellas, José Luis(Author)Equipo SiriusSCIENCE201850488
Chemical Admixtures for ConcreteRixom, M. R.(Author)Spon PressTECHNOLOGY201400490
Early Years : Assessing and Promoting Resilience
in Vulnerable Children
Daniel, Brigid(Author)Jessica Kingsley PublishersSOCIAL SCIENCE20111070
Public Administration : An Interdisciplinary Critical AnalysisVigoda, Eran(Author)Marcel Dekker IncorporatedPOLITICAL SCIENCE20890478
Institutional Economics of Water : A Cross-Country
Analysis of Institutions and Performance
Dinar, Ariel(Author)World Bank PublicationsPOLITICAL SCIENCE20810470
Limits to Privatization : When a Solution Becomes a ProblemWeizsacker, Ernst U.von(Editor)Earthscan CanadaBUSINESS & ECONOMICS20261469
Charles S. Peirce y Argentina: la recepción
del pragmatismo en la filosofía hispánica
Nubiola, Jaime(Author)Red EnfoquesPHILOSOPHY20900
Control Avanzado De Procesos. Teoría y prácticaAcedo Sánchez, José(Author)Ediciones Díaz de SantosTECHNOLOGY19456233
Theory and Applications of Ocean
Surface Waves, Part 2 : Nonlinear Aspects
Mei, Chiang C.(Author)World Scientific Publishing Company, IncorporatedSCIENCE192160604
Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications (2nd Edition)Ross, Timothy J.(Author)John Wiley & Sons, IncorporatedTECHNOLOGY191450649
Data Envelopment Analysis : A Comprehensive Text with
Models, Applications, References, and DEA-
Cooper, William W.(Author)Kluwer Academic PublishersMATHEMATICS191370484
Eric Voegelin & the Foundations of Modern Political ScienceCooper, Barry(Author)University of Missouri PressPOLITICAL SCIENCE19770481
Fact and Fiction in Economics : Models, Realism
and Social Construction
Maki, Uskali(Editor)Cambridge University PressBUSINESS & ECONOMICS19470575
Fireworks ® MX: The Complete ReferenceSahlin, Doug(Author)McGraw-Hill ProfessionalCOMPUTERS19290742
Food Preservation TechniquesZeuthen, P.(Editor)Woodhead Publishing, LimitedTECHNOLOGY19200499
TCP/IP : Architecture Protocols & Implementation
with IPV6 & IP Security
Feit, Sidnie(Author)McGraw-Hill Professional Book GroupCOMPUTERS1826621532
Horizontes de la geografía. Teoría de la geografíaOrtega Valcarcel, José(Author)Editorial ArielSCIENCE18771730
Problems and Solutions in Quantum Computing
and Quantum Information
Steeb, Willi-Hans(Author)World Scientific Publishing Company, IncorporatedSCIENCE18646048
Understanding Genocide : The Social
Psychology of the Holocaust
Newman, Leonard S.(Editor)Oxford University Press, IncorporatedHISTORY1847300
Collected Works of Eric Voegelin, Volume 25:
History of Political Ideas, Volume 7: New Order & L
Voegelin, Eric(Author)University of Missouri PressPOLITICAL SCIENCE184653260
Psicofarmacología esencial de antipsicóticos
y estabilizadores del estado de ánimo
Stahl, Stephen M.(Author)Editorial ArielMEDICAL182742119
Triumph Over Shyness: Conquering Shyness & Social AnxietyStein, Murray (Author)McGraw-Hill Education GroupSELF-HELP182384110
War & the State in Early Modern Europe :
Spain, the Dutch Republic & Sweden As Fiscal-Military S
Glete, Jan(Author)RoutledgeHISTORY182364458
Multiculturalism, Examining the Politics of RecognitionTaylor, Charles(Author)Princeton University PressPOLITICAL SCIENCE18232690
Oxford Companion to American TheatreBordman, Gerald Martin(Author)Oxford University Press, IncorporatedPERFORMING ARTS1819111
Paleolimnology : The History and Evolution of Lake SystemsCohen, Andrew S.(Author)Oxford University Press, IncorporatedSCIENCE181630585
Soil MechanicsCraig, R. F.(Author)Spon PressTECHNOLOGY181500523
Constitución y medio ambienteCanosa Usera, Raúl(Author)DykinsonLAW181254357
Adventures of Sherlock HolmesDoyle, Arthur Conan (Author)ElecBookFICTION1810809
Great Divergence : China, Europe and the
Making of the Modern World Economy
Pomeranz, Kenneth(Author)Princeton University PressBUSINESS & ECONOMICS18940405
Capitalist Restructuring, Globalisation, & the Third WayRyner, J. Magnus(Author)RoutledgePOLITICAL SCIENCE18650641
Python Programming for the Absolute BeginnerDawson, Michael(Author)Course PTRCOMPUTERS176341950
Mirrors of Destruction : War, Genocide,
and Modern Identity
Bartov, Omer(Author)Oxford University Press, IncorporatedHISTORY17289010
Art of Molecular Dynamics SimulationRapaport, D. C.(Author)Cambridge University PressSCIENCE172471344
Theory and Applications of Ocean Surface
Waves, Part 1 : Linear Aspects
Mei, Chiang C.(Author)World Scientific Publishing Company, IncorporatedSCIENCE171890548
Continents and SupercontinentsRogers, John J. W.(Author)Oxford University Press, IncorporatedSCIENCE171790615
Linear Water WavesKuznetsov, N. I.(Author)Cambridge University PressMATHEMATICS171650536
Mark's Calculations For Machine DesignBrown, Thomas H.(Author)McGraw-Hill Companies, TheTECHNOLOGY171270490
Major Events in Early Vertebrate EvolutionAhlberg, Peter(Editor)CRC PressSCIENCE171240514
Fundamentos sociales de las economías postindustrialesEsping - Andersen, Gösta(Author)Editorial ArielSOCIAL SCIENCE171231296
Contemporary American PlaywrightsBigsby, Christopher(Author)Cambridge University PressPERFORMING ARTS17109400
Public Management and Administration : An IntroductionHughes, Owen E.(Author)Palgrave MacmillanPOLITICAL SCIENCE17670329
Nature of RationalityNozick, Robert(Author)Princeton University PressPHILOSOPHY17620284
New Introduction to Modal LogicCresswell, M. J.(Author)RoutledgeMATHEMATICS17560427
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