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Jose San Roman and "Alfonso Limon Montero Institute"

Jose San Roman became assistant professor in 1939 and presented his official exams to the chair in 1941 after Antonia Martínez Casado left the chair, becoming head teacher. In 1944 he joined the Medical Corps of mineral medicinal waters and in 1947 again presented official exams and became Professor of the Medical Hydrology School. The old plan to create an institute that would have the functions of a specialization school and research center was partially satisfied by the Higher Council for Scientific Research by transforming the existing hydrology section in the "Santiago Ramon y Cajal" Foundation into  the Institute Alfonso de Limon Montero (1952) against all expectations. However, clashes between Alfonso Limon Montero and Garcia Ayuso led to a clear separation between chair / institute and Body / Board. San Román's background in radiology and cancer research oriented both the institute and the chair towards research in rheumatology and experimental hydrology despite the economic uncertainty within the institution.


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