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New directions: Manuel Armijo Valenzuela and the School of Medical Hydrology

Manuel Armijo Valenzuela (1917- ), Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Valladolid, physician belonging to the Medical Inspectors of Baths Corps, newly appointed president of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology and architect of its new publication (the Bulletin of the SEHM), became the new Professor of Medical Hydrology after his official exams in 1963. At the time, this appointment meant the recovery of the relationship between the Board, clinical spas and the chair as well as the beginning of a direct relationship between pharmacology and hydrology. His effort as Head of the Pharmacology Department of CSIC promoted a new research dynamism and experimental orientation in the chair. During his years as professor, the creation of the Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy in 1968 was very important (although the real start-up took place ten years later) because it fulfilled the ancient aspiration of specialized training for spa resort physicians. Apart from being an Academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine since 1975, he participated in the most important international hydrology societies.


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