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Josefina San Martin Bacaicoa: internationalization

Josefina San Martin, with three specializations in Medical Rehabilitation, Rheumatology and Medical Hydrology, won the chair in 1986. All her teaching, research and care had been associated to mineral medicinal waters since 1971. She trained researchers (with more than twenty theses and dissertations) and specialists assuming the direction of the Professional School of Medical Hydrology and Hydrotherapy in 1994. The combination of her specializations  made her an expert in Hydrokinesitherapy and in Hydrotherapy. Her diverse research included analysis and animal experimentation which was evident in her multiple publications and participations at conferences. Since the beginning of her career, she participated in international scientific meetings, often as guest speaker and has been a member of important international societies such as the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology, naming her honorary member in 1998 or the International Society of Hydrothermal Technique that granted her a gold medal "Prix du Thermalisme" in 1996. She is Correspondent Academic of the National Royal Academies of Medicine and Pharmacy.


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