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The contribution to Medical Hydrology from other sciences

If the spa resort is a meeting place of different groups with varied interests, the mineral medicinal water has also always been a challenge for different scientific disciplines. Chemistry and Pharmacy sought to understand the action of water through analysis and thus provide the crucial step to reproduce it artificially. Biology and Climatology largely competed with the dream of a hidro-minero-medicinal cure outside the spa giving more importance to local microorganisms and/or Medical Geography. Geography and Maps represented the distribution of the sources on maps and interpreted their location by areas. Meanwhile, Geology and Mining Engineering became staunch allies in the discovery, increasing awareness and protection of the springs. They all led to a complex view of therapy with mineral waters which the Medical Hydrology put together in one discipline.

  • The Mystery of mineral medicinal waters: Chemistry
  • Understanding of the terrain: Geology and mineral-medicinal waters
  • Mineral medicinal water as a drug


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