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Sábado, 20 de abril de 2024

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Editorial: Full moon upon Malasaña


November invites to mystery. To the surpising imagination, to the sci-fi history invention, the old and beloved topic. And we couldn't be less, our magazine is re-invented through imagination and innovation -that's our editorial line- . Our goal is to be at the technical and creative top level, along the extraordinary force of whom joins our project.

Paula García Sacristán, Laura Gómez-Manzanilla Moral, Miriam Cambronero Castillo,Roberto Carrillo Oller y David Cabrera Barga joined our group in order to command this ship to the far dock of the most obsolut of the victorys. They are going to continue until our magazine, under the vigilant eye of Javier del campo Parla, our supporter and technical director, become a point of reference of the educational, cultural, artistical and cientifical avant-grade the most spectacular between the university electronic publications.


And in this fantastical nine month, a new mysterious  character has escaped of the imagination of her creators to rise in the magical world of the Malasaña Moon. Yes, Aurora, emerged from the most secret hideout of our project, walks around -finally- the streets of Malasaña. And it won't get anyone indifferent.


In the happy fear of November, Enrique Vazquez Gomez, our subdirector, comic and urban culture  specialist will bring the figure of the lycanthrope.


Unfortunately, more terrible, real and cruel fears demand our attention. And we cannot leave without  tribute, from the Education Faculty, to our murdered partners of Mexico, whom, like us, dreamed about making from the education a better world for everybody. Maybe that will be the saddest article in our pages.


Finally, we continue here, counting with everybody who wants to join our project.


The November shadows won't  be an obstacle for our ship in this challenging trip.


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