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Sábado, 20 de abril de 2024

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Homage to the master missing companions in Mexico

 In September, 2014, and in Mexico, 43 young companions rural students of teaching were probably a coward and vilely murdered. It was surprising us that the news had not woken up an immense big wave of international solidarity between his companions and companions of the world, probably it has been like that, but not the news in yes same neither with all his infinite violence, nor answers of the youth that is formed for the education, they seem to have been an object of excessive worry for the official channels of information. Today just there are suspicions of those who have been the frightful hangmen and the motives by which there is perfectly so horrible crime.

 The most probable thing is that we never know all the truth, that this news manages to form a part of the things that the current people must never manage to know, because if they were known there might stagger the bases of the domain of the world as has been established: with a brutality without contemplations. Perhaps have persons in charge the power of the silence enclosed?

But - in spite of the interest to finish with the Beginning of Universal Justice to facilitate the impunity of the worst criminals of the world-, those that get up to express his solidarity with his companions and companions have clear that the crimes against the humanity will never expire, because if the laws do not change they and they will make them change, with one be enough! So loudly that it will be heard in the most remote limits of the world.

 Close to the solidary cartel small cartels were hung by the names of the innocent wildly murdered victims, by all probability, for types that do not deserve the epithet of human beings. Today I want that this publishing house is dedicated those and those that gave his life for believing in the power of the education and to his companions and companions of the Faculty of Education of the UCM who do not forget will not even forget up to achieving that the world is a worthy place for the human beings with dignity, using it arms them more powerful with all: those of the education and the knowledge.

 Thanks to the pupils and pupils of the Faculty of Education for taking part in the feelings that here express and for remembering by means of this cartel those who as them and they were taking part of the same vocation: that of the education as powerful weapon to change the world.

Maybe the cartel does not last very much, already we know of his fragility, but we have wanted to photograph it in order that, at least, it lasts in the time in which this magazine is kept to the service of ideal more beautiful that they inspire the labor of the educators and of whom they want to put the culture and the science to the service of the humble peoples.

It is not a moment to get enthusiastic with ambitious projects, but we will continue in the fight, and in the determination for creating this Educators' so necessary Social Network of the World, linked to our magazine and to the new one And It introduces Average (Channel multimedia of exchange of international projects of educational innovation) in order that the voice of the education hears discharge and white of egg, in order that the force of the Education manages to be so strong and powerful that it is been afraid by the criminals and respected, there where it is heard, by all the peoples of good.

 Do not doubt it. Justice will be done.



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