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Domingo, 14 de abril de 2024

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Equinotherapy: Alvaro Cano's interview

Today we have Alvaro Cano with us. Our partner, student of education degree who works with children with cancer, in equinotherapy activity as volunteer.

Interviewer: Iván García Gordo (IG): Hello Alvaro, thank you for giving us this interview. How are you doing?

Alvaro Cano Núñez de Arenas (AC): Hello, everithing fine, thank you for giving me the oportunity of talking about my work.

Ig:it's always interesting to listen and learn of these experiences, well let's go

What's the name of the association which you work with?

AC: It is the Fathers with children with cancer association, and this activity of equinotherapy take part in villacocha's pony club.

IG: when did you began to work with this association?

AC: I've been working with this association more than a year, with children with cancer, using sports to improve their physical status, along with psychologists who help in the emotional part.

IG: what is the objective of these activities with horses?

AC: We work one hour preparing and taking care of the horse, and later other hour of adapted horse riding, with drills indicated for improving balance and strength.

IG: In the time you are working, have you experience a real improvement in children's status?

AC: Yes, definitely, specially with kids with walking issues.

IG: tell me a little more about your partners in the association.

AC: We're about 5 people, 3 girls who know perfectly the world of the horse, and 2 volunteers specialists in adapted sport. There is also a Physiotherapist and a psychologist.

IG: have you work in another activities?

AC: Yes, in adapted basketball, swimming, waterpolo and tennis.

IG: Did you find differences in the kids who work with horses, and those who work in sports without animals?

AC: Yes there exists differences, because the work with the horses is something less usual than playing normal sports, and the childrens came more motivated.


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