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Viernes, 21 de junio de 2024

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Are videogames as bad as we think?


Elena Gutiérrez Villar


Some boys claimed that they are able of being in front of a computer game three hours a day. Nevertheless, girls hardly never play them. Why are boys usually obsessed? Maybe it is a communication issue among many teenagers as a result of staying in. However, girls are used to hanging out in order to purchase clothes, watch a film or just talk. Although, there are a lot of girls who play videogames and have the same problems as boys. Whereas people who do not play games are more patient, cheerful, sociable and self - confident than gamers.


On the one hand, it is often said that computer games are not only an entertainment. They prepared you for making decisions in a fast pace. As well, you can improve some skills such as concentration and your own reflexes.
On the other hand, it is a way of expressing people feelings. They are used to playing when they are upset, angry or bored. Moreover, some psychologists request whether tiny children will create an unhappy mood, a wrong behavior and a bad-tempered or not as a result of being constantly playing games. Another people claim that perhaps these feelings are produced by the kind of games they play. The most selling ones are about wars, fights, blood and terror.


As far as I am concerned, games are attractive for all age's people and also they are a good tool for thinking. That it is the reason why boys tend to be cleverer than not gamers girls. Nonetheless, they damage your sight if you are many hours looking the screen.

To sum up, videogames as a general meaning are not bad, although they could affect people in a dangerous way, such as being dependent and less talkative. Therefore, if we add this issue to children, it could cause some personality problems and aggressive behavior. As a solution, under eighteen-years old guys and adults should play games less than three hours per week. In addition, if you want that your son develop himself playing virtual games although they are under six years old, you can have a good family time playing with them.

From an educative point of view, TIC are good devices for interact with children. They are useful for seeking some up-to-date news and looking up work´s information, despite it is not all as right as we believe. Besides, actual schools are getting used to using videogames as an strategy to catch children´s attention and interest.



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