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Presentación de comunicaciones para las sesiones “Out of the Stacks: Special Collections In Society” y “Collections and Books [A]cross Borders”, IFLA RBSC, 83º Congreso Mundial IFLA 2017

Aurora Díez Baños 17 de Febrero de 2017 a las 11:02 h

La Sección de Libros Raros y Colecciones Especiales de la IFLA invita a la presentación de propuestas de comunicaciones para dos sesiones de conferencias bajo los temas "Out of the Stacks: Special Collections In Society" y "Collections and Books [A]cross Borders", organizadas como parte de 83º Congreso Mundial IFLA, que se celebrará en Wroclaw, Polonia, en agosto de 2017. Plazo de presentación, 28 de febrero de 2017 [Seguir leyendo].



Themes: "Out of the Stacks: Special Collections In Society"

What happens when special collections are taken out of their library home, either virtually or physically, and used by the library or by others beyond the traditional ways in which libraries have interpreted these collections for audiences who come into their buildings. Today's exhibitions may be accompanied by a programme of marketing and promotion. Some people's encounters with books and manuscripts may be entirely through seeing their images used in a tourism campaign and buying related merchandise. Libraries also enter into a wide range of partnerships with commercial companies who digitise their materials.  The program committee welcomes proposals for papers that move beyond case studies into an examination of the issues raised by the use of collections in non-traditional ways.  Speakers from a marketing, commercial digitisation, or other non-library background are particularly welcome.

Proposals are due by February 28, 2017

See the full call for papers on the WLIC 2017 website



Theme: "Collections and Books [A]cross Borders"

Books have always travelled.  Libraries worldwide hold books and collections that have crossed all kind of borders: national, political, cultural, geographic, and material. Borders themselves may change over time, or be imposed or removed. The effects of war, colonialism, and political events are obvious, but even the most legal and peaceful movement of cultural heritage objects from one place to another may give rise to issues and even controversies which need to be carefully considered. More positively, collections may cross borders to bring about meaningful encounters with texts, ideas, and the artifacts that hold them, thus providing an opportunity for greater understanding of cultural heritage.  Digitization can break down borders and sometimes create new ones, all affecting global research and the free transmission of knowledge and ideas.  The program committee welcomes proposals for papers that address any of these topics in a comprehensive way.


This special all-day session is co-sponsored by the Indigenous Matters Section and will take place at a venue in the city of Wrocław (to be announced).


Proposals are due by February 28, 2017

See the full call for papers on the WLIC 2017 website


Fuente: Rare Books and Special Collections



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