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Seminario CERL. Experiencia de cinco años de digitalización, catalogación y difusión con la Fundación Polonsky

20 de Octubre de 2020 a las 11:38 h

Our experience: five years of digitization, cataloguing, and dissemination with the Polonsky Foundation. Sharing challenges, successes, lessons learned, and tips, es el título del seminario remoto que se celebra el martes 27 de octubre, de 3.00-5.00 pm UK time.

Presentations by Bodleian Library Oxford, the Vatican Library, the British Library, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Rome Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, CERL, Cambridge University Library Library, Heidelberg University Library, and Wolfenbüttel Herzog August Bibliothek.


An opportunity to share our experience, especially the 'lessons learned', which could be very interesting for many other libraries, large and small, who would like to, or are in the process of, embarking on similar projects.

Issues touched upon will include: Conservation; Cataloguing; Technical; Managerial; Outreach and communication; Research; Collaboration.

A remote seminar of 2 hours, moderated by Cristina Dondi, Secretary of CERL, and arranged into 6 sessions:

Session 1 (10 minutes)

Welcome and Marc Polonsky on the Foundation

Session 2 (20 minutes): Bodleian/Vatican

Polonsky Foundation Digitization Project. A collaboration between the Bodleian Libraries and the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (2012-17)

Session 3 (20 minutes): BL / BnF

Medieval England and France, 700-1200 (2016-19)

Session 4 (20 minutes): Rome BNC / CERL

The digitization of the incunabula of monastic libraries in Italy: the Polonsky Foundation's project with BNCR and CERL (2018-2020).

Session 5 (20 minutes): Cambridge UL / Heidelberg

Polonsky Foundation Greek Manuscripts Project (2018-2021)

Session 6 (20 minutes): Bodleian / Wolfenbüttel

Manuscripts from German-Speaking Lands - A Polonsky Foundation Digitization Project (2019-21)

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