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The collaboration between Google and the Complutense to scan books and make them available for free

30 de Noviembre de 2012 a las 13:35 h

Google has scanned more than 20 million books that you can search by every word of every line of each of its pages and download them if they are in the public domain.

The Complutense is the first non English partner to join the project involving some of the world's leading libraries.

National libraries like the British Library, those of Italy, Holland and Bavaria.

Universities like Michigan, Harvard, Oxford, California or Cornell.

The world's largest public library, the New York Public library.

Google created several digitization centers. Some are scanned more than 4,000 books a day.

The Complutense has digitized 120,000 books with Google creating the largest Spanish collection of ancient books scanned at the scanning center of Madrid.

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