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Nature Publishing Group ofrece en abierto los números de Abril de Clinical NATURE REVIEWS

7 de Mayo de 2009 a las 13:42 h

From April, seven clinical medicine journals have joined the Nature Reviews family.  You and your patrons can view the April issues of the following titles for free online:
Nature Reviews Cardiology
Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology
Nature Reviews Endocrinology
Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Nature Reviews Nephrology
Nature Reviews Neurology
Nature Reviews Rheumatology
Nature Reviews Urology

See for yourself why the clinical Nature Reviews should be the latest addition to your library collection.  With unparalleled editorial quality, the authoritative and peer-reviewed articles are carefully commissioned from the most well-known academics in their respective fields.  Published in full color, Nature Reviews journals are unique amongst other clinical review titles for their high production values.  The exquisite artwork and illustrations make topics accessible for all researchers whether they be students or laboratory heads.

Start a
free trial and allow your users to test complementary online features that visually interpret the review articles with videos, animated illustrations and even downloadable PowerPoint slides.  Trained customer service staff are available to answer your questions, and promotional tools will help you publicize your trial within your institution.  Also, usage statistics will be provided, enabling you to measure demand and value.

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