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'Selfishness' a novel by Matthias Krug

Matthias Krug 3 de Mayo de 2011 a las 12:31 h

Exciting new novel by Matthias Krug. On the impact of 'La Crisis' on a humorous triangle of homeless Iraqi psychologist, Colombian metro-stripper and Norwegian speech-writer. Based in Madrid. Written in the wonderful English language. For free download in PDF format. Right here:

In celebration of the I Semana Complutense de las Letras (3-6 May), with the visit of the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa to the University Complutense de Madrid on May 4th 2011, I've decided to offer my first novel 'Selfishness' for free download to all interested readers on this writer's portal.

Just go to my writer's profile on E.C 2.0 and follow the link.

Happy reading and writing to all.


Matthias Krug


Praise for ‘Selfishness’: “ A fascinating story one cannot put down when one starts reading it as it constantly rebounds, bringing in new exciting adventures and thoughts. A terrific sense of humour and great story telling.” - Evelyne Accad, author of numerous award winning books among including "The Excised", "Sexuality and War" and Women of the Dawn", and Professeur Emerite at University of Illinois and Lebanese American University. “ A spectacular storyline sprinkled with fresh, cuttingly sharp words, realer than life characters, a heavy dose of humour, and a deep, hard-hitting message. A must-read novel of our time. Wonderfully humorous and meaningful. Screaming to be read” – - Phil Ball, author of numerous successful books including ‘The Hapless Teacher’s Handbook’, ‘Morbo’ and ‘White Storm’. Praise for Matthias Krug’s writing: “ Interesting work, with a memorable voice and great last line” – The New Yorker, USA. “ It flows beautifully and magically and is on its way to being perfect” – Carte Blanche literary magazine, Canada. ‘ Selfishness’ A humorous novel Synopsis By Matthias Krug What if, instead of waiting until your marriage breaks down after ten years, you go to the psychologist ten days before you tie the knot? And what if, instead of going to him, the crazy Iraqi psychologist comes to live with you? This is a modern love story. There are no quarrelling clans, no poisoned lovers; it is just Marisol and Hugo. And Mo. The year is 2010. With “la crisis” showing no signs of receding in hard-hit Madrid, unemployed Muslim psychologist Mo is miraculously taken up out of the streets by a Columbian metro stripper, who is convinced she needs couple counselling ten days before her marriage to Hugo. Her soon to be husband is an egocentric Norwegian speech writer who likes to look at other girls and sees both the psychologist and the counselling as completely superfluous, but agrees out of “love, on a secondary level, and more intuitively and immediately the danger of being eaten by a fly-trap plant of a woman if I dare to refuse”. But with less than a week remaining before their marriage, he is deeply troubled by Marisol’s literal interpretation of the phrase that ‘the good thing about the Recession is that it makes people move closer together’. As an increasing influx of colourful creatures (both human and otherwise) into his city-centre flat begins, Hugo is soon driven to despair by the political speeches he writes. Forced out onto the streets in search of truth and tranquillity, he comes across a charity worker who makes him a selfless offer he can only refuse: swap in the next fifty years of your life to save humanity.

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