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Novedades en e-libros de Springer, APress y Elsevier

9 de Junio de 2011 a las 17:29 h

Relacionamos aquí las ultimas novedades aparecidas en Professional and Applied Computing (APress), Computer Science Collection (Springer) y ScienceDirect eBook Collection (Elsevier).

En Professional and Applied Computing encontramos un título nuevo:

PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy / David Powers.

Dentro de Computer Science Collection de Springer destacamos:

Guide to e-Science: Next Generation Scientific Research and Discovery / Xiaoyu Yang, Lizhe Wang and Wei Jie.

Pattern Recognition: An Algorithmic Approach / M. Narasimha Murty and V. Susheela Devi

Visual Analysis of Behaviour: From Pixels to Semantics / Shaogang Gong and Tao Xiang.

Visualization of Time-Oriented Data / Wolfgang Aigner, Silvia Miksch, Heidrun Schumann and Christian Tominski.

Por lo que respecta a ScienceDirect eBook Collection aparecen los siguientes volúmenes:

Database Modeling and Design (Fifth Edition) / By Toby Teorey, Sam Lightstone, Tom Nadeau, H.V. Jagadish.

Handbook of the History of Logic / Edited by: Dov M. Gabbay, Stephan Hartmann and John Woods.

Ninja Hacking / By Thomas Wilhelm, Jason Andress.

Security for Microsoft Windows System Administrators / By Derrick Rountree.

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