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Tecnología háptica, robots parlantes y reconocimiento caligráfico en los nuevos títulos de Springer

15 de Septiembre de 2011 a las 10:38 h

Robot, la esfinge moderna

¿Cómo será el futuro virtual? A esta cuestión y a otras planteadas por tecnologías emergentes como la interacción háptica, la robótica parlante o el reconocimiento caligráfico se trata de responder desde los títulos-e recientemente publicados en la Springer Computer Science Collection. Consulta todas las novedades por dentro abriendo este post. Son muchas porque el verano en Springer parece haber resultado productivo.

Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis : Emotion, Metaphor and Terminology / Khurshid Ahmad.

Apartness and Uniformity : A Constructive Development / Douglas S. Bridges and Luminiţa Simona Vîţă.

Applications of Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks / Yide Ma, Kun Zhan and Zhaobin Wang.

The Art of Software Innovation : Eight Practice Areas to Inspire your Business / Minna Pikkarainen, Wim Codenie, Nick Boucart and José Antonio Heredia Alvaro.

Biomedical Engineering : Health Care Systems, Technology and Techniques / Sang C. Suh, Varadraj P. Gurupur and Murat M. Tanik.

Bootstrapping Trust in Modern Computers / Bryan Parno, Jonathan M. McCune and Adrian Perrig.

Computational Linguistics and Talking Robots : Processing Content in Database Semantics / Roland Hausser.

Conditionals and Modularity in General Logics / Dov M. Gabbay and Karl Schlechta.

Context and Semantics for Knowledge Management : Technologies for Personal Productivity / Paul Warren, John Davies and Elena Simperl.

Extremal Combinatorics : With Applications in Computer Science / Stasys Jukna.

Foundations of Large-Scale Multimedia Information Management and Retrieval : Mathematics of Perception / Edward Y. Chang.

Guide to Geometric Algebra in Practice / Leo Dorst and Joan Lasenby.

Handbook of Augmented Reality / Borko Furht.

Handbook of Face Recognition / Stan Z. Li and Anil K. Jain.

Haptic Interaction with Deformable Objects : Modelling VR Systems for Textiles / Guido Böttcher.

Haptics Technologies : Bringing Touch to Multimedia / Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, Mauricio Orozco, Mohamad Eid and Jongeun Cha.

Human-in-the-Loop Simulations : Methods and Practice / Ling Rothrock and S. Narayanan.

Lossy Image Compression : Domain Decomposition-Based Algorithms / K. K. Shukla and M. V. Prasad.

Militarized Conflict Modeling Using Computational Intelligence / Tshilidzi Marwala and Monica Lagazio.

Markov Models for Handwriting Recognition / Thomas Plötz and Gernot A. Fink.

Moving Target Defense : Creating Asymmetric Uncertainty for Cyber Threats / Sushil Jajodia, Anup K. Ghosh, Vipin Swarup, Cliff Wang and X. Sean Wang.

Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms for Clustering : Applications in Data Mining and Bioinformatics / Ujjwal Maulik, Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay and Anirban Mukhopadhyay.

Ontology-based Application Integration / Heiko Paulheim.

Partial Differential Equations for Geometric Design / Hassan Ugail.

Patterns in Permutations and Words / Sergey Kitaev.

Recent Trends of Mobile Collaborative Augmented Reality Systems / Leila Alem and Weidong Huang.

Stereo Scene Flow for 3D Motion Analysis / Andreas Wedel and Daniel Cremers.

Transparent User Authentication : Biometrics, RFID and Behavioural Profiling / Nathan Clarke.

Video Processing in the Cloud / Rafael Silva Pereira and Karin K. Breitman.

The Virtual Future / William Sims Bainbridge.

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