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'Selfishness' now available on Amazon as an E-Book

Matthias Krug 11 de Septiembre de 2011 a las 16:36 h

Here it is - my debut novel 'Selfishness' is now available as an E-Book on Amazon. Check it out.

Ya esta aqui; mi novela 'Selfishness' en Ingles en

The novel has been praised by international writers such as Phil Ball and Evelyne Accad, who called it: “A fascinating story one cannot put down when one starts reading it as it constantly rebounds, bringing in new exciting adventures and thoughts. A terrific sense of humour and great story telling.”

Meanwhile, the editors of the renowned The New Yorker (USA) magazine praised Matthias’ writing as being “interesting work, with a memorable voice and great last line”. The Carte Blanche literary magazine (Canada) found that: “It flows beautifully and magically and is on its way to being perfect”.

Literary greetings,

Un Saludo,
Matthias Krug

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'Selfishness' a novel by Matthias Krug

Matthias Krug 3 de Mayo de 2011 a las 12:31 h

Exciting new novel by Matthias Krug. On the impact of 'La Crisis' on a humorous triangle of homeless Iraqi psychologist, Colombian metro-stripper and Norwegian speech-writer. Based in Madrid. Written in the wonderful English language. For free download in PDF format. Right here:

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