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Lunes, 8 de agosto de 2022

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You, Animals! That never left jungles,

huddled in modern caves,

appeased in stupidity

of media promises.


You, Animals! Walking on mud unknowingly,

painting roses as the Queen of Hearts.

Rolling dices, rolling injustices,

banishing rights to oblivion.


You, Animals! Selfish as hungry lions,

from the crypt returned

the genocidal past,

with hurricane revenge.


You, Animals! Guilty without trials,

brainless soldiers learners,

marked with the mark

of mere murderers.


You, Animals! Lost children

with weapons in their hands,

chimeras, cancers,  

endless births...


You, Animals! Proud of bloodless ribs.

You:  rotten apples, racist of racism,

defenders of destruction.

You... You... Poisoned dust!


You, Animals! You, Animals!

Don't you heard it?!

The world is pervaded

of laughter that failed on laughing.


You, Fools! Inhuman Semites!

No hearts to save,

they in spitefulness drowned.

No more tears should shed to me in sorrow.


 You, people! You, mercenaries!

You, prisoners of the myth!

You, apprentices of hate!

You... You... You. 




Vanora Miranda 



Género al que pertenece la obra: Poesía
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