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Lunes, 8 de agosto de 2022

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The George Barker’s Denial While The Rooster Crowed


"I start with this apostrophe

To all apostles of rotten love"


For an instant, Madrid transformed itself  into Long Island

And Nick Carraway was the pen describing the free falls of buildings' perspiration.

Her lips had a reluctant salty taste, while Phoebus was making the Sun scream up there.

The red thread detached itself of Elizabeth's red dress.

Cibeles bewitched the corners of Madrid's most magical square

And with a gallant, attentive, charming pace, George Barker kissed the space.

Without benches to sit in, the square turned into a Central Station of Death.

Stigmatized daggers in men's smiles, grace could not make his eyes shine.

The Dog Star beats up on both consciences.

The Rooster started crowing...

George Barker, is that Elizabeth's face?

Chalky Soil,

(He crows)

George Baker, is that Eliza's face?

Chalky Soil...

(Crows twice)

George Baker, is that Beth's face?

Chalky Soil.

George Baker is gone

Elizabeth is skeptical

The Moon is coming.

And you know what? 

She sleeps with daggers.


Vanora Miranda 


Género al que pertenece la obra: Poesía
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