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Nuevos artí­culos de PDI MAT (Enero-Febrero 2022)

10 de Marzo de 2022 a las 17:52 h


Assembly. Gallery "A smooth model of Boy's surface using simple pieces", submitted by Arnaud Chéritat. High resolution PNG (8000x8000px)

Relación de artículos publicados por docentes e investigadores MAT recogidos en Scopus durante los meses de enero y febrero de 2022:


Finite time extinction for a class of damped Schrödinger equations with a singular saturated nonlinearity

Open Access

Bégout, P.Díaz, J.I.



Challenges and Perspectives in the Epigenetics of Climate Change-Induced Forests Decline

Open Access

García-García, I.Méndez-Cea, B.Martín-Gálvez, D., (...), Gallego, F.J.Linares, J.C.




Centaur 2013 VZ70: Debris from Saturn's irregular moon population?

Open Access

De La Fuente Marcos, C.De La Fuente Marcos, R.




Robust Statistical Inference in Generalized Linear Models Based on Minimum Renyi's Pseudodistance Estimators

Open Access

Jaenada, M.Pardo, L.



  • View abstract                                                                                      2022 Entropy 24(1),123



Analysing monotonicity in non-deterministic computable aggregations: The probabilistic case

Open Access

Magdalena, L.Gómez, D.Garmendia, L.Montero, J.



  • View abstract                                                                                     2022 Information Sciences 583, pp. 288-305


Infinite-time concentration in aggregation-diffusion equations with a given potential

Open Access

Carrillo, J.A.Gómez-Castro, D.Vázquez, J.L.




Correlation Length in Random MPS and PEPS

Open Access

Lancien, C.Pérez-García, D.


  • View abstract                                                                                      2022 Annales Henri Poincare 23(1), pp. 141-222


The group generated by Riordan involutions

Open Access

Luzón, A.Morón, M.A.Prieto-Martínez, L.F.



Spectral maps associated to semialgebraic branched coverings

Open Access

Baro, E.Fernando, J.F.Gamboa, J.M.





Adversarial risk analysis: An overview

Open Access

Banks, D.Gallego, V.Naveiro, R.Ríos Insua, D.





Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints Using Information-Theoretic Measure of Association Based on Havrda and Charvat Entropy

Open Access

Pardo, M.C.Zhao, Q.Jin, H.Lu, Y.


  • View abstract                                                                                   2022 Mathematics 10(3),465

Should we Help our Children with Homework? A Meta-Analysis Using PISA Data

Fernández-Alonso, R.Álvarez-Díaz, M.García-Crespo, F.J.Woitschach, P.Muñiz, J.


  • View abstract                                                                                   2022 Psicothema 34(1), pp. 56-65

Numerical Solutions to Wave Propagation and Heat Transfer Non-Linear PDEs by Using a Meshless Method

Open Access

Flores, J.García, Á.Negreanu, M., (...), Ureña, F.Vargas, A.M.



  • View abstract                                                                                   2022 Mathematics 10(3),332

Dynamics in a Chemotaxis Model with Periodic Source

Open Access

Negreanu, M.Vargas, A.M.



  • View abstract                                                                                    2022 Mathematics 10(3),312

From Weak-type Weighted Inequality to Pointwise Estimate for the Decreasing Rearrangement


Agora, E.Antezana, J.Baena-Miret, S.Carro, M.J.



Axiomatization of the degree of Fitzpatrick, Pejsachowicz and Rabier

Open Access

López-Gómez, J.Sampedro, J.C.



Compactness interpolation results for bilinear operators of convolution type and for operators of product type

Open Access

Cobos, F.Fernández-Cabrera, L.M.Martínez, A.



Quadratic algebras as commutants of algebraic Hamiltonians in the enveloping algebra of Schrödinger algebras

Open Access

Campoamor-Stursberg, R.Marquette, I.


  • View abstract                                                                                     2022 Annals of Physics 437,168694

On the convergence of controls and cost functionals in some optimal control heterogeneous problems when the homogenization process gives rise to some strange terms

Díaz, J.I.Podolskiy, A.V.Shaposhnikova, T.A.



Sharp estimates for homogeneous semigroups in homogeneous spaces. Applications to PDEs and fractional diffusion in RN


Cholewa, J.W.Rodriguez-Bernal, A.



Adversarial risk analysis: An overview

Open Access

Banks, D.Gallego, V.Naveiro, R.Ríos Insua, D.



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